March 29, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 20

"Don't worry about it, Rosa. We'll have a baby when we're ready. Until then, we can just have fun practicing!"

Rosa sighed.  She loved Wilson, but he just didn't seem to understand!

From outside their room, they heard the family cheering about something.

"Let's go see what's going on," Wilson told Rosa, pulling her to the family room.

 "Phillip!" Wilson called.  "Looking good! How was college?!"

Phillip wrapped his brother in a bear hug and lifted him off the ground. "I'm good! I'm moving into a little place by the bay with Norma. Big surprise, huh? You'll have to come by & see the place!"

"I'm so happy for you guys!" Rose gushed.  "Tell Norma to call me!"
Gaeron sat at the piano and called out, "It's time to celebrate family! We're all back in town & together!"

They weren't meant to be together for much longer, though. Sadly, Rudhon and Cennon passed away soon after Phillip's return. (I'm really disappointed. I was hoping for more theatrics, like the Plant Sim turned brown & withered away!)

 The family congregated for the graveside burial.

 Aithel knew it was her turn to bring about life.

 Little Deluon would bring much happiness to the family.

"Are you okay, Rosa?" Phillip asked one night as they studied.

Rosa shrugged. "I'm just feeling... I don't know... a little nauseated..."


"Can you believe it, Wilson?! We're going to have a baby!"  Rosa was so excited, she could hardly contain herself.

 Giddy with pleasure, she invited her friends over to share the good news.

 Months later, she delivered her first little baby girl.


Wilhemenia was a lucky little girls with so many hands to take care of her and watch over her.

Carpenters - Round 20

Edwin had finally talked Rachel into heading out to Lover's Lookout.  He couldn't wait! Tonight he was going to score!

"Hey guys!" Edwin called as he snuck past the treeline that hid their hangout spot.  Teens had brought over a few old bits and pieces of furniture to make it more comfortable.

No parents, no rules - just a lot of teens having some fun!

Cigarettes? Who left cigarettes here? That stuff was for posers!  (Thanks Edwin for being the posture child for Sim Teens Against Smoking!)

Finally, after waiting for what seemed like forever, he saw Rachel head over.  Waving her over to the bench, he asked how she was doing.

Then scooted a little closer...

Finally going in for the kill!

Rachel pushed Edwin off of her.  "What are you doing?!" she asked, exasperated.  "I'm with Walker!"

Edwin leaned forward to kiss her neck.  "That's okay. We can still fool around!"

Rachel pushed Edwin back again and jumped up.  "Edwin! I thought we were friends!"

"Oh come on, Rachel, grow up! We're not friends! You just wanted to take a walk on the wild side. It's okay, I won't tell anyone."

Rachel just glared.

Edwin shrugged, "Suit yourself.  Catch you later!"

Rachel watched Edwin walk over to another girl and start flirting.  If she didn't like him, then why did she feel so disappointed?

Chloe swooned over the fact that Edwin had invited her home. EDWIN! The hottest boy in class!

Not to mention the cockiest.

"So, you wanna fool around?" he asked.

"Oh Edwin!"

Things were looking pretty awesome for him, Edwin thought happily.  What could go wrong?

Zane wept when he learned that his Grandmother, Audrey, passed away.  Edwin glanced at the kid and said snidely, "Boys don't cry!" as he ran off to the bathroom and slammed the door.

"Real boys don't cry!" he told himself furiously in the mirror.  No matter how many times he said it, it didn't make him feel better and it didn't stop him from crying anyways.

Marshall knocked on the door once and announced, "I'm coming in."

"No!" Edwin called out, but Dad was already walking in.

Marshall wrapped his arms around Edwin and hugged him. "It's okay to cry, Edwin. We're going to miss her."

Edwin buried his head in his Dad's neck and cried.

Time flew by & Edward was surprised to find an unlikely romance with his grief support partner.  Meredith had lost her husband years ago and volunteered as a grief counselor to those who recently lost a spouse.

Edward felt guilty moving forward, but Meredith explained that it was easier when you ripped the band-aid off.

Apparently it would be easier to get back to living...

"What the...? Excuse me!" Edwin cried in horror when he opened the door and found an old lady lounging in the tub.  When she screeched, he whirled around and ran to the livingroom yelling, "Grandpa!"
Grandpa's plan to get back to the living had a slight problem - it caused him to go into respiratory distress and pass away.

 The news that there'd been another death in the family hit a pregnant Valerie hard.

But as is often the case, on the other side of death is life...

Welcome to the world Emma Carpenter!

Paradise Bay High - Round 20

Joshua thought a great deal about retiring, but first he wanted to make sure he had someone to pass the reigns of Paradise Bay High.  After Dana's embarrassment over being let go over orange wedges, Joshua had suggested she work part-time in his office, helping keep him organized.  She'd loved it.

"The freshman assembly will be starting in 15 minutes, Joshua," Dana told him as he walked to office.

"Thanks Dana, I just need to grab my speech."

"Welcome freshman!" Joshua called out to the students.  "Now is an exciting time at Paradise Bay High.  We have many classes for you to enjoy and hopefully many friends waiting to be made.  Our goal is that each of our students proceed to college with as much knowledge and skills as we're able to provide!"  Pausing, he watched the students excitedly talk to each other.

"Does anyone have any questions?"

Casey walked down the hall to his shop class and saw two students goofing around.  "Regan. Mark. Shouldn't you guys be class?"

Mark and Regan jumped away immediately and scurried to their classroom.

Cheryl Reed stopped when she saw Lizzie walk in late to class.  "Thank you for joining us, Lizzie.  Did you have a chance to read the chapter I assigned last week?"

Lizzie scooted into her desk and looked down.  "No, ma'am."

Cheryl shook her head.  "Did anyone do their assignment?"  Sighing when no hands shot up, she cleared her throat.  "Then everyone had better do it tonight in addition to the next chapter. There will be a quiz tomorrow."

Casey gave the safety lecture to his shop class, then explained that they'd be starting with something easy - making a brick toy.

James glanced around the lab, "So who here can tell me what science is?"

Dana was so glad that Joshua let her teach the home ec class.  After years of being a housewife, she knew her way around the kitchen.

And it was clear that her students did not.

 BRIIIIIIING.  "Class dismissed!" Dana announced as she followed them outside and locked up. 

She'd made it down the hall when she smelled smoke.   "Oh no!" she gasped as she ran back down the hall.

 "This is no good!" she cried as she fumbled in her pockets for the keys.  (The way the school was set up, only students assigned to the class could enter the stupid room so the firemen couldn't go in.  So, poor Dana fought the fire herself.)

"Oh God, I'm never going to tell Joshua. He'll never let me teach again!" First the orange wedges, then the fire! He'd think she was incompetent!

Smiling as the last student trickled out the doors, Dana held her hand out to Joshua, "Ready to go home?"

Rodriguez/Bear - Round 20

Rachel had so much fun with her friends, especially when they just sat around and talked.   She hoped things didn't change at all!

It felt weird being home.  It felt even weirder that he'd managed to get a job at Paradise Bay High.  He'd be working with his parents. He just hoped Rachel wasn't in his class! That would be even weirder!

He was also engaged now.  Katy had finally consented to be his bride!

So things were going to be really different around here!

"Umm... Dad, can I get some privacy?"

"No! We don't want to talk about anything!"

 At last, all the well-wishers left Randy & Katy to enjoy their honeymoon.

Proof of which came a few months later...

Rachel was having so much fun goofing around with Edwin. He was such a great guy, no matter what people said about him.  People just didn't understand him, that's all! She bet he could be a great friend!