February 24, 2012

McMillans - Round 20

Lindsay was so tired from working so hard.  She was Chief of Staff now, and that required alot of extra hours of work and research.  Despite feeling like she was ready to drop down from exhaustion every day, Lindsay continued going to work right up until 2 weeks before her due date. 

She couldn't been happier the day her contractions started...

Welcome to the world little girl Chantel!

After 12 years of marriage & 3 children later, he still sweeps me off my feet, Lindsay thought happily.  She wished everyone could be as happy in love as she was!

Happy Birthday Charity!

Happy Birthday Chasity!

And Happy Birthday Chantel!

Chasity thought she was so special that the coolest boy in school came home with her.  Leaning forward, she gave him a sweet kiss.

"Chasity McMillan!" Chance yelled as he walked up the front walk.  "You get inside and do your homework right now.  And you - I don't want to catch you around my daughter again or I'll call your parents!"

Well that went well, Chance thought as he watched Chasity run inside calling for her Mother & Edwin slinking off with his tail between his legs.

Damn. And he'd had good news to share with the family before he'd caught his oldest testing the romance waters.  He wondered if there were any good convents in Paradise Bay....

Carters (2) - Round 20         McMillans - Round 21

Steeles - Round 20

Mandy invited Kevin McMillan over to see if there was still chemistry between them.

"Mandy, I really like you, but I feel as though I should be honest with you."

Mandy squirmed in her seat. "By all means, I want us to be honest with each other."

Kevin took a deep breath. "It's just... I just lost my wife. And I don't know if I'm ready for another serious relationship."  He paused.  "Is that... okay... with you?" he asked cautiously.

"Oh yeah! I mean, why rush into things, right?" Mandy exclaimed.  "Seriously! We're just two friends, having a good time! We don't have to do... you know... other stuff..."

Mandy made a face as she walked to her room to get ready for bed.  So much for happily ever after with him, she thought sadly.  But still.  He'd lost his wife and unborn baby.  You didn't just get over that.  Shivering, she rubbed her hands up and down her arms.  She couldn't even imagine losing someone you loved...


Overnight her world turned upside down.

She lost both of her parents within days of each other.  She truly believed her Mom died of a broken heart.   It some ways, it was a nice thought to try to hold on to - that Mason & Evelyn had loved each other much that they couldn't live without each other...


It didn't help very much...

Mandy heard knocking at the front door & put her tissue down on the side table.  Shuffling to the door, she called out, "Who is it?" as she peeped through the glass.

"It's me, Kevin."

Mandy cringed and glanced down at her robe. She knew her eyes were probably puffy from all the crying.  And when was the last time she brushed her teeth?!  Running a hand quickly through her hair, she opened the door.

Kevin pulled her into a hug.  "I came as soon as I heard about your parents. I'm so sorry!" he told her as he stroked her hair.  "Let me know what I can do."

Mandy rested her forehead on his shoulder and sobbed.  "I just miss them so much!"

Kevin didn't even cringe when she blew her nose on his sweater.  "I know you do. I know you do," he comforted her.  "Come on, let's go inside. I'll make you some tea."

Mandy stepped back and felt a wave of emotion flow through her.  This man might've said that he didn't want a relationship - but here he was - supporting her in her time of need.

Slowly, she shook her head, "No..."

Kevin looked at her, confused, as he put his hand at the small of her back to lead her inside. "No tea? It helps soothe... why are you shaking your head again?"

Mandy grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.  "I don't want tea from you."
Kevin sat up in the bed shortly after Mandy fell asleep.  How the tables have turned, he thought as he pulled his pants on in the dark, trying not to wake her.

This was exactly the situation he was trying to avoid when they'd talked about just being friends.

Sighing, he grabbed the kleenex from the bedside table and placed it closer to her.

Hopefully she didn't hate him.

Mandy wasn't ready to go back to work yet. She wasn't ready to face the real world yet. So, she spent a lot of time flipping through the channels, in particular cooking channels.  She hadn't tried it yet, but she bet she could whip up a mean lobster thermidor after watching Cooking with Crumplebottom's show so many times.

Maybe tomorrow she'd be ready to get back to living...

McMillans - Round 20               Steeles - Round 21

Paradise Bay Elementary - Round 20

Cheryl Reed glanced around the office, taking a deep breath.  It wouldn't be long before she would need to retire.  She would miss this school.  She'd seen so many children grow up and move on to fruitful lives.

Her alarm went off.  No time for stray thoughts, she stood up.  It was assembly time.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Cheryl addressed the kids in the gymnasium.  "Please, it's time to be quiet," she added to quieten the whispering.

Slowly, all the children grew quiet.

"I'd like to call out all the honor students this morning!"  Beaming proudly, she called the children up who had managed to make an A+.  After giving them a certificate and a firm handshake, she sent them back to their friends.

Grabbing the microphone again, she encouraged the other students to work hard so that they could be on her honor roll, as well.  "Alright, Mr. and Mrs. Carter, they're all yours!"

"Okay, guys, line up!" James called to his older kids, winking at his wife with the younger grades.

"Mr. & Mrs. Carter! That is highly inappropriate!" Cheryl gasped.  (Okay, mental note - don't have your husband and wife with 3 bolts work together! Geez guys, not in front of the kids!)

"Good morning class, today we're going to learn about fire safety! It's important & can save your life!"  (I should've teleported a firefighter to talk to the kids! Darnit!)

Angela loved teaching the younger kids.  They were such fun, loving, wonderful kids!

Dawn Hart whispered to Victoria Reed, "Do you think there will be a quiz on this? I hate pop quizzes!"

"Miss Hart, do you have something to share with the class?" James asked.

"No, Mr. Carter," Dawn said quickly.

More hugs, Angela thought happily. She loved teaching these guys!

"Uncle James, I don't want to read this dumb chapter on fire safety!" Jennings groused.

James pulled Jennings over to his side and quietly corrected him, "It's Mr. James when we're at school Jennings.  And you will read the chapter on fire safety or I'll speak to your Mother and Father. I know you've been working hard to show them how well you can do.  This is good practice."

"Fine! I'll read the stupid chapter, Mr. James!" Jennings pouted and walked back to his seat quickly, his cheeks flaming.  He thought it would be a piece of cake having his uncle as a teacher - but it stunk!

After classes, Casey McMillan called all the kids into the library Story Cave for a fun story about a little girl, her trusted dog & a house fire.  Afterwards, they talked about ways to stay safe when there was a fire.

"Stop, drop & roll," Casey advised them.

Recess time, James sighed as he walked outside and saw his lovely wife on the bench.  Keeping an eye on the kids, he ambled over to her and sat down.

"How's your day been, hun?" he asked.

Angela smiled.  "It doesn't get any better than fingerpaints & playing pretend!"
Cheryl stood at the door and watched the children playing.  She was so proud of each and every child that walked through these doors.  It had been her mission over the last 20 years to make sure that each child left with more knowledge, friendships and exposure to the world around them. But, now maybe it was time to pass the helm...

"Don't forget to have your parents walk around your house & discuss your fire safety plan!" James called out as his students filed out.   "What a great day," he said happily.

Paradise Bay Elementary - Round 21

*This time around, I just had the older kids (0-4 days left) read the Fire Safety book & let the kindergarteners (5-8 days left) play around.  I attempted to wing it with my high school, but had WAY too many teens to handle, so I downloaded Inge's school hacks.  Man was it fun! But there are definitely kinks to be worked out!  *face palm* Just wait until you see the high school round. DOH!

Reeds - Round 20

It was amazing sometimes how fast life could slip by, Charles thought.  Nicole and Cora had grown up into beautiful young ladies.  Cora was the spitting image of Cheryl.  (Cora on the left & Nicole on the right)

Nicole wasn't surprised when Edwin called her up out of the blue one day & asked if she wanted to hook up.  She knew she was hot!

Cora secretly had a thing for Junior Goss, this boy in her class.  Nicole scoffed at her & said Junior was way out of her league, so Cora never said anything to him.

Nicole thought things were moving along quite nicely with Edwin, though!

Michael could care less that anyone else came to the party - he only had eyes for Laci! (Along with every other boy in Paradise Bay, apparently! She's been quite popular!)

Nicole wasn't as discriminating as Michael was...  She made her move on River McMillan.

Cora walked in on Nicole making out with River.  "Nicole!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing? If Mom & Dad find out, you're going to be grounded!"

Nicole frowned as River tip-toed out of the room. "Thanks alot, Cora!" she said snidely.  "Things were really getting good!"

Cora sighed. "You're hopeless!"

Michael yelled out from the other room, "Nicole - Junior's on the phone for you!"

Cora gasped. "Junior?"

Nicole patted Cora's cheek.  "I told you he was out of your league.  Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone else..."

Reeds - Round 21

Carters - Round 20

"Why did you even bother to come at all, Ashley?" Alton accused after Ashley had just mumbled something about having better things to do.

"Because! You're my son!"

Alton rolled his eyes. "Oh sure, you conveniently decide to try to be pals now that I'm a teen. Where were you when I was a baby... or a kid in school?"

"I don't know, okay? I don't have a lot of answers! I just thought... well... that maybe we could try to be at least... I don't know... friends..."

Alton rolled his eyes.  "Whatever. All I know is that Benjamin is all the Dad I need."

"So, how's school?" Sonja asked to fill the awkward silence.

"It's going well.  I'm teaching of an ethics class. The Dean said if I kept enrollment & grades up, I might have a shot of tenure."

Alton scoffed and mumbled, "Ethics. Good one" under his breath.

Sonja glared and kicked him under the table.  Turning to Ashley, she smiled brightly. "Well, that's certainly nice!"

Ashley put his fork down abruptly.  "Look, I can see I was wrong to stop by uninvited. I just thought it would nice to get to know my boy."

Alton opened his mouth to say he wasn't his boy, when Sonja kicked him again.  "It hasn't been a problem. I'm glad you did come. Alton is glad you came, aren't you, Alton?"  The threat was loaded in that sentence.

"Yeah, I'm glad," Alton parroted.

Shaking his head, Ashley stood up.  "Well, I need to get home. I'll be sure to call next time." When Sonja got up to walk him out, he waved her back, "No, no. Don't get it. I'll see myself out."

"Don't be silly, we'll walk you out!"

Benjamin and Alton hopped up and joined Sonja in walking Ashley to the door.

As soon as the door closed, Alton mumbled something about doing his homework and disappeared fast.

Sonja stroked Benjamin's cheek. "Well thank God that's over!" she exclaimed.

"What a prick!" Benjamin grumbled.

"Benjamin! Alton might hear you!"

"So? He thinks Ashley's a prick, too!"

"Don't encourage him! I know Ashley has his... faults... but he's still Alton's father..."

Benjamin stepped back, insulted. "His father? You can call him a father with a straight face? Alton's father is standing right here!"

Sonja wrung her hands. "I didn't mean to imply you weren't important..."

"Like hell!" Benjamin hissed.  "This is crap!"

"Don't be mad!  I was just trying say that Ashley is blood related, too..."

"I cannot believe this! I'm going to bed!"

"Benjamin! Don't be mad!" Sonja called after him.




Breakfast was subdued.  Benjamin wolfed down his food and then hurried out the door to work without giving Sonja a goodbye kiss.  Then, the boys scarfed down their food and ran out the door when the bus honked it's horn.

Well that went well, she thought sadly.

Travis couldn't wait to throw his first party. And his parents wouldn't be home for hours!
Sonja looked around the room, amazed by all the teens running around.  "Trent?! What is going on here?" she asked in surprise.

"Umm..." Trent searched for a good excuse, "We invited a few friends over to celebrate the start of school. After tonight, we're committed to buckling down and studying hard."

Sonja let out a startled laugh.  "Now there's an original answer! Okay, your friends can stay, but you're on clean-up duty!"

"Phew, it worked!" Trent told Travis.  "I bailed your sorry butt."

Travis high-fived his twin and then cringed when looking across the room.  "Ouch! Burn!" he whispered.

Trent looked back and saw Alton lean forward to kiss an uninterested Violet.

"She's with me, buddy. You have a problem with that?" Edwin asked, puffing his chest out.  (Edwin ran straight over to Alton & slapped him - not Violet! I'm wondering if it was because the kiss was a fail.)

"Oh. God, no! I'm sorry! I didn't know! I didn't mean to..." Alton stammered his excuse.

Violet fretted when she saw Edwin put on his masculine show.  "That's enough Edwin! No harm!"

Edwin hooked his arm around Violet's shoulder.  "Come on, Violet. Let's go!"

Alton's shoulders slumped. Phew! That was close, he thought.  He'd come pretty close to getting a pummeling!


Having a fitness center was something that Sonja had given a lot of thought.  She could see herself running a top business, socializing with her customers, leading exercise classes...

So, she convinced Benjamin to support her dream...


Awesome Fitness Center by jodemilo @ MTS

Construction was complete and she walked around, imaging what it would look like filled with happy, healthy families.

Running it would be a full-time job, that was for sure.

Good thing she was retired, now...

Reeds - Round 20               Carters - Round 21