August 21, 2012

The End!

Goodbye Paradise Bay,  a bustling town nestled between beautiful valleys & a sparkling bay.  In order to encourage population growth, the City Council paid the mortgage down-payment and all moving expenses for four lucky applicants looking to start a new life.


Alas, this neighborhood has grown too large to keep up with, often having unbearable load times & out-of-the-blue crashes.  So, even though I really wanted to make it until the first death of the 5th generation, and I would've loved to have gotten one more Round before closing up shop, but me thinks it's time to end this wonderful neighborhood.

It makes me sad though to leave a few unfinished storylines.  Like, does Dawn have a little boy the spitting image of Jennings?  Or will Paxton & Abbey wind up together, despite the odds?  Or will Paxton's little sister Mackenzie ever get over Shawn stealing a kiss to get back at Paxton?  Where does Lizzie go after Ray divorces her & kicks her out for being a brazen hussy?  

I hope everyone enjoyed reading about the Paradise Bay families!  I know I certainly had fun with them!

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