August 21, 2012

Rom Com - Round 24

Edwin watched the news & twiddled his thumbs all day while Nicole was at work.  He was dying of boredom here, but was trying hard to be faithful.

It meant a lot to him that they be a good family for their baby.  Besides, he loved Nicole like crazy.  He was committed to making this work with Nicole!

Not that any of his fellow Rom-Com's would know commitment if it bit them on the butt.  Travis & Trevor often wooed the same chicks.

And Theresa & Mary were just as bad!

Travis was psyched that Theresa had moved in!  He'd had a thing for her since college!  If there was any woman in the world he'd settle down for, it would be Theresa!  He just wished she'd felt the same about him...

Nicole stepped out of the tub, alarmed to feel contractions.  "I think this is it Edwin!" she called out. 
(Of course Nicole would give birth butt naked, so no pictures of her knees up could be shown without showing a whole lot more!)

Welcome to the commune baby girl Nicki!

Edwin's family rushed over as soon as they heard the good news.  "Congratulations son," Marshall said while hugging his eldest. 

His sister, Emma, & mom, Valerie, hurried into the nursery to coo over the little baby.  "Isn't she adorable!" Emma gasped.

"She certainly is," Valerie grinned.

"We did it!" Edwin told Nicole later that night.  "We're a real family!"

Even though Edwin & Nicole had found pleasure in home & hearth didn't mean the rest of the crew was sitting around waiting for love! 

They all continued to romance one partner after another.

Trevor was particularly pleased when Wilhemina came over to get to know him a little better.  He even put on some special cologne for her!

Although Theresa was less impressed with the maid's professions of love & devotion!

Even though Travis held out hope that Theresa would one day fall for him, he certainly wasn't going to sit around waiting.

 Nothing wrong with having a little fun in the meantime!

"Oh God," Theresa felt sick to her stomach.  She didn't know whose it was!

She knew Travis had a thing for her.  If she could just convince him he was the only one...

Travis pulled out the ring he'd been carrying with him.  "I know that you've been dating your fair share of guys and I've been dating my fair share of chicks, but maybe this baby was meant to show us how good we would be together.  Will you marry me?  I don't care if the baby is mine or not. I love you."

Theresa was so moved, she felt her eyes welling with tears.  Here she'd been looking at Travis as just someone to help her & he loved her!  He really, really loved her - faults and all!

Maybe it could really work, after all!

Edwin & Nicole seemed to have made it work!

Trevor knocked on Mary's door & was mildly surprised to find it locked.  What in the world could she be doing, he wondered as he wandered back to his room. 


Around 3 am, after her date left, Mary crept into Trevor's apartment and slipped into bed.  Trevor glanced back as Mary wrapped her arms around him and turned into her arms. 

 "So why'd you come in so late last night?" Trevor asked over breakfast. 

Mary glanced at him with a raised eyebrow.  "Really? You want to know?"

Trevor muttered darkly and dropped his fork.  "What the hell, Mary!"

"Look, you do your thing. I do my thing.  I like being with you, so if it bothers you, let me know & I'll find someone else to warm my bed."

Trevor managed to shrug.  "Fine.  I don't care. Just don't be so sure my bed will be empty next time," he said crossly as he threw his plate into the sink.

Mary walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, nibbling on his ear.  "Fair enough.  Now, if you're not mad, maybe we can go back to bed and I can make it up to you..."


Travis had woken Theresa up by telling her there was something on the roof he wanted her to see.  Oh God! Did he want to get married right away?

Theresa shook her head.  "I don't know if I'm ready for this, Travis!"

Travis kissed her tenderly.  "We're going to be great, baby," he promised. 

He'd really taken care of everything.  He'd even rented them the place across from Edwin & Nicole so that they'd have more space after the baby was born.  Besides, they didn't need two apartments now that they were married!

Edwin couldn't believe how fast his little rugrat was growing!  She was a cutie pie!

And he was so glad his family was so involved in their lives!  Even though sometimes it annoyed Nicole when they came over so much.  She preferred to spend their time together doing more "creative" things.

He still liked to mess around, but he guessed his interests had shifted more towards family.

Speaking of new families..he wondered how Travis & Theresa were doing....

"OH MY GOD, IT HURTS!" Theresa cried out.

Welcome to the family baby Tracy! 

Theresa pinched the bridge of her nose and wondered if the baby would ever stop crying.  She'd already fed it & changed it's diaper and she was tired! She just wanted to sleep.  She wondered if she called her sisters Katherine or Victoria over if they would take care of it...


Trevor was true to his word.  If Mary wanted to have an open quasi-relationship, then so be it.  He wasn't going to lose sleep wondering where she was or who she was with.  He'd just substitute her.

Mary slammed through the door and pushed Trevor up against the closet.  "I don't like you dating other people." she said.  "Quit it!"

Trevor pushed back.  "No way! You're the one that made the stupid rules!"

"Well, I didn't know, okay!" she yelled.

"Didn't know what?" he growled.

"That I love you, okay?!"  Mumbling darkly, she ran her fingers through her hair.  "At least I think I do.  Oh, I don't know, okay! I just don't want you dating other people!"

Trevor reached forward and pulled Mary to him.  "You can't take it back.  You. Love. Me." he emphasized, kissing her each time.  "And I think I might love you, too."

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