August 9, 2012

Reeds 4 - Round 24

Norma pulled herself out of bed, tired from staying up late the night before.  Time to trowel on the make-up and fix my bed-head, she thought to herself.  (Hee hee... meet Norma without a download folder!)

"There! Better!" she thought as she got ready to head to work.  She felt so naked without her make-up on!

It shouldn't have surprised Norma to come home to a house full of giggling, gesticulating teens - but it did!  Annoyed that Mitch & Naomi were hosting the huge soiree, Norma sent all the teens away.

Lord, she thought, I must be getting old!  After all, she could remember her own teen years! She gazed fondly as the picture that she & Phillip had taken in the photo booth at prom. 

Phillip certainly didn't look like that anymore!

They certainly weren't the party people that they used to be in college, either!

Phillip was glad to meet a new friend at work, Pierce.  He was pretty laid back and easy going.  They spent no time getting to know each other & becoming fast friends.

That friendship was sorely tested when Pierce began calling his teenage daughter at all hours of the day & night! 

Not that Naomi took Pierce's calls seriously.  She wasn't interested in an older guy.  She wanted someone that she could relate to!

Her current boyfriend was Fernando.  He was so hot! And sweet!  She couldn't imagine ever loving anyone as much as she loved him!

Except... after a few Dream Dates, there didn't seem to be anything left.  Naomi & Fernando drifted off to search for new partners.

That's when Naomi fell for Tony Beckett!  He was the best!

(Phillip made 5 service NPC best friends.)

Hilary came home from school with Naomi to talk about their science project.  "I have the best idea!" Hilary said as she dragged Naomi off to the mall.

After finishing up their project, Naomi happened to run into Addison. He was so amazing & cool!  Naomi was smitten!

Apparently the feeling was mutual!

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