August 10, 2012

Rauschers - Round 24

Patrick was having fun with a group of friends over.  Sabrina had caught his eye, though.  He saw her across the room checking him out.

It'd been his stroke of luck to offer her a back massage... a more private back massage.

She was all for it!  Man, she was hot, he thought after she'd laid down on his bed wrapped only in a towel.

Tentatively, he started massaging her neck and upper back.  It didn't take long for it to turn into something entirely different...

He must've fallen asleep, but when he woke up, Sabrina was long gone with nothing but that mango butter lotion smell as evidence of what had happened.

"Hey girl, I was wondering if you wanted to come hang out," Paxton called up the new girl at school.   He hoped his best friend, Shawn Carter, hadn't gotten to her already because Mindy was hot!

God, what a disappointing afternoon!  He'd kept trying to break through that icy barrier, but she'd kept holding him at bay. 

She must've been as frustrated as he was when she snapped that she was going home.  Good riddance, he thought annoyed.  Shawn was welcome to her!

That's okay, pretty soon Abbey was going to be over & he didn't need her to catch him toying with another girl.  As Shawn's twin sister, she should've been off-limits... but that just made him want her more! 

"Hey girl, how's it going?" Paxton greeted her, trying to come off as charming & laid back.

Abbey rolled her eyes.  "Let's just get this over with. And I'm onto you!" she glared.

Although, it didn't take long to get her to melt.  A back massage did wonders for getting girls to drop their guard!

Score! Paxton grinned.  They spent the rest of the time working on their chemistry.

Things were going incredibly well at work, Patrick thought happily after he came home.  He'd gotten that promotion he'd been after for awhile.  No time like the present to celebrate!

Madison watched Patrick closely as he seemed to flirt with the bartender.   Shaking her head, she sighed. He's not flirting, he's just tipping her, she assured herself.  But, something just felt off.  She was just being silly. It's not like he was having an affair! She would know!

Distracted by some old college friends, she stopped paying attention to what he was doing.

"Your wife's been keeping tabs on you all night," Sabrina said over drinks. 

Patrick glanced over at Madison.  "Oh yeah?"

Leaning forward, he whispered in her ear.  "Then maybe we need to go somewhere private."

Sabrina scoffed. "No way!  You're just begging for trouble."

Patrick shrugged.  "Suit yourself. I'll be the garage."

With a glance back at Madison, Sabrina followed.

Sabrina hopped out of the car and straightened her skirt.  "Thanks for the good time.  Give me a call when you can get some free time."  Sabrina snuck out the garage leaving Patrick alone. 

Walking back in, Patrick felt all tingly and nervous. 

"Congratulations!" Madison said happily when he walked back in.

"What?! Why?!" he asked, surprised. 

Madison hugged him tight and kissed his cheek. "Your promotion, of course.  I'm so proud of you baby."

Patrick hugged her back, but felt his stomach drop to the floor.

What the hell was he doing?

Paxton & Shawn got together once a week to chit chat & talk about girls.  They usually shared all the intimate details - like who was easy & who wouldn't let you get past 1st base.  It made it alot easier to date when you had that kind of information.

"Man, I tried my hardest & Mindy just turned me down flat," Paxton grumbled.

"Ah, too bad.  Maybe I should give it a shot.  Got anyone else on the line?" Shawn asked.

Paxton grinned.  "Actually, things have been heating up with Abbey."

Shawn's grin faded.  "Abbey? My sister? You're screwing around with my sister?" Shawn yelled as he shoved Paxton.

"Hey! What the hell Shawn!"

"She's my sister, Paxton!"

"Everyone is someone's sister, Shawn.  You don't think Mindy has a brother that would kick our asses if he knew what we were planning?"

Shawn just glared. "Whatever. Just leave my sister alone."

Paxton shrugged. "We'll see. She's a grown girl. She can make her own decisions."

"Paxton! Shawn! Get out here," Abbey called from the main room.  "Mackenzie's blowing out the candles!"

Paxton rolled his eyes. "Come on, better get out there or my Mom'll kill me!"

Shawn followed behind Paxton, still annoyed that Paxton was toying with his sister's feelings.  When he got in the room, he saw how Abbey immediately smiled at Paxton.  It made him want to put a fist in Paxton's face.

Although, seeing Mackenzie all grown-up was giving him a better idea.

Mackenzie was so glad Shawn was here. She'd had a crush on him since... well... forever

And when he talked to her, God, she almost melted to the floor!

Paxton was so intent on breaking through Mindy's defenses that he didn't see Shawn making the move on his sister...

...he really should have paid a little bit more attention when they both disappeared from sight...

Mackenzie had always dreamed that Shawn would be her first kiss.  She'd always dreamed that he'd realize that she was all grown up and declare his love for her.  And it was all happening! 

Smiling, she gazed up into his eyes. 

Wait a minute... something was wrong.... He wasn't smiling, Mackenzie thought worriedly.  "Did I do it wrong?" she asked anxiously.

"Be sure to tell your brother turn about's fair play."

Mackenzie tilted her head.  Paxton? Why was he talking about Paxton?

"Oh God!" she cried.  He didn't kiss her because he loved her! He kissed her because Paxton was dating Abbey!  Covering her eyes, she ran from him...

...bumping into Paxton.  The last person she wanted to see right now.

"How can you just toy with a girl's heart like that?" she accused.

Paxton reared back.  Man. Everyone was busting his chops today! First Shawn.. now Mack!  "What the hell, Mack! Where's that coming from?"

Mackenzie wiped a tear away.  "Shawn says to be sure to tell you turn about is fair play.  I guess you toyed with Abbey's heart & he toyed with mine!" 

"SHAWN!" Paxton roared as he ran across the room, reaching out to pummel Shawn's smug face. 

Mackenzie watched them wrestle on the floor & shook her head in disgust.  Neither one of them were worth it.  Quickly, she ran to her room.

Because even though neither one of them were worth it, her heart was still broken.

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