August 10, 2012

Prom - Round 24

The students arrived and nervously tried to feel each other out...

...worried about making a good impression.

Slowly, they started to lighten up, goof around & make small talk.

Girls lined up in queue to spend some time with Shawn Carter. 

Savannah Carter manages to pull off the first dance of the night!  Shawn was dancing with her!

"Come on baby, just one little dance," Mitch Reed asked Madeline Pai.

Noah Carpenter happened to pull off the first fight of the night with Nelson Bear.

I'm not really sure what Nelson did, but it might've had to do with Gayle Hart...

...or perhaps the attention paid to Christina Creelman.

Soon everyone was distracted by the free buffet. 

The night flew by & soon it was time to announce the Prom King & Queen.  Everyone held their breath when Ms. Caretaker announced the Prom King.  It was a close race between Mitch Reed, Neil Carter & Kennedy McMillan. 

Mitch pulled ahead with just one extra vote!  He joined Cecelie Carter up on the stage to a room full of applause.

They danced as everyone watched on...

and then soon joined in.

Shawn Carter & Christina Creelman shared a solo dance.

While others enjoyed group dancing.

Paxton Rauscher & Gayle Hart got a little frisky.

"Ummm... what's everyone staring at?" Shawn asked nervously.

Christina smiled.  "I think it might be because you goosed me."

(Shawn & Christina's crushes lined up to let them know what they thought about the two Romancers)

The evening was pretty much over after that disappointment. 

Although a few of the cool kids hung out on the lawn, chatting & goofing around.

Naomi Reed & Alexander Carter could've talked for hours.  Finally, Ms. Caretaker shooed them along. 

Round 24 Prom was officially over....

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