August 21, 2012

Potters 2 - Round 24

Alan & Regan were such good parents.  Alison & Regis wanted for nothing!

(Ah, look how cute they are!)

Alan felt quite nervous right before the twin's birthday party.  He had something hard to say to Arthur, and he wasn't quite sure how Arthur would take it.

"I invited Violet," he said, referring to their little sister that Arthur had decided to cut from the family.  "She's family.  Sabrina & I aren't going to turn our backs on  her anymore."

Arthur's jaw dropped.  "Well, if that's how  you feel about it," he said.  To be honest, he was glad that his siblings had taken the decision away from him.  It had been hard to admit he was wrong... but he was.  Very wrong.  He only hoped time would help mend the rift between Violet and himself.

Now it was Alan's turn for his jaw to drop.  "Really? That's it? You're not mad?"

Arthur smiled and clapped his brother on his shoulder.  "It's about time, isn't it?"


In a room full of family members, Alison & Regis grew up happy & well adjusted!

Ready to have some fun!

Even Arthur & Violet were able to come together.

Regan smiled after the guests had left.  "It was a wonderful birthday party," she told him happily. 

"It was, wasn't it?" Alan smiled.

Alan couldn't have been happier. that his kids had such a great birthday party surrounded by family members and loved ones.  They meant the world to him!

(Yeah, this is what everyone did all week. Study, study, study!)

(Whoops, I don't know why I wrote Helena - her name is Alison!)

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