August 9, 2012

Pai - Round 24

Madeline was psyched that so many people came to her party!  Everyone was dancing and having a good time.  It was the perfect time for her to scope the room & see who was who.

Nelson Bear caught her eye across the room.  Wow, was all she could think.  I have to talk to him! 

In no time at all she had him wrapped around her little finger!  Hello Dream Date!

Drake came home from work & sighed to see all the kids running around the place.  He knew he shouldn't mind... but... he'd had a long day at work & had been looking forward to peace & quiet.

Easily, he cleared the room by threatening to call parents.

Aw, a nice, quiet family dinner.  Especially quiet since Madeline was mad and pouting!

"What? What? I'm up! I'm up!" Drake mumbled when Marissa went into labor. 

A perfect little girl - Bree Pai!

Dierk offered to help so that Marissa could rest up and fed & changed his new little sister.  Gently, he laid her in the crib.  "Can you believe you used to sleep in here?" Dierk asked his little brother Dexter.

Dexter was busy playing with his blocks.  Rolling his eyes, he scoffed.  "Yeah, but that was forever ago, when I was a baby!"

Dierk smiled.  "I used to change your smelly diapers, too!"

Dexter made a face. "Nuh uh!"

Dierk ruffled Dexter's hair.  "Come on bud, let's go do your homework."

Madeline lounged outside staring at the clouds float by with her lab partner, Ethan.  "So, I was thinking we could do our project on clouds and the different types. What do you think?"

"Sounds relaxing!" Ethan joked as he laid back.  "Umm.. Madeline... there are no clouds in the sky right now."

"I know," she sighed.  "We'll have to think of something."

Dierk watched Madeline play with her new boyfriend, Nelson Bear, and felt so envious.  He'd been waiting to find someone, but hadn't really met anyone special. He loved taking care of his little brothers, but there was something missing from his life...

Destiny struck by sending him Angelina Carter!  She was perfect!  Dierk couldn't wait to go steady! It was something he'd wanted for years now!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa." Angelina held up her hands.  "I like you and all... but I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!"

Dierk's face fell.  "But.. I thought you liked me..."

"I do! You're just going to graduate soon & I'm just getting started!"

God, Madeline & Nelson made him sick with their kissy-kissy ewie-gooey flirting all the damn time! Dierk thought angrily.

Dad & Mom were just as bad! AND, Mom was pregnant AGAIN!  I mean, didn't they know about safe sex?! Geez!

I mean, Bree was just barely a toddler & already they were going to have another newborn. 

One thing was for sure, Dierk wouldn't put his kids through all that!

Dierk excitedly put out the cake & called Drew down for his birthday celebration.  He couldn't wait to see the look of Drew's face when he opened his present!

(Uh oh... looks like Drew's birthday has been upstaged!)

Good looking, Drew!  Now, quick, go help your Mom!

(Ah ha ha ha! Dierk started CRYING when Marissa went into labor!  He's such a sensitive soul!) 

Welcome to the world sweet, little Marigold!

Dierk couldn't explain what was happening. He just felt so mad & this deep, buried intense dislike of his father welled up from nowhere.

Angrily he confronted him.  "Why'd you do it?! Why'd you cheat on Mom?!"

Drake looked confused.  "Cheat on your mother?"

"Not her! Not Vamsi! Marissa! She waited for you all through college! She stood by your side!"

Drake turned from his son & his accusations.  "It's not a time I'm proud of, son." he said, burying his head in his hands.  "And frankly, I'd rather not talk about it."

"But you have to talk about it! I'm a constant reminder!"

Drake turned back, amazed by the anger in Dierk's voice.  "No! You're not! You've always been a blessing!"

Dierk rolled his eyes.  "When?! When you had to tell Marissa to let me come live with you? When you paid off Vamsi to leave me alone?! I've done nothing but cause you & Marissa pain."

It all made sense to Drake now & he wished he'd seen it earlier.  "So that's why you always took care of your younger brothers & sisters.  You're trying to atone for a sin that isn't even yours," Drake said, shaking his head.

Dierk turned his head.

Drake laid an hour around his son's shoulder.  "I'm sorry you've been carrying this burden all along.  Your Mom & I have never looked at you as anything other than a blessing! A joy! I didn't tell Marissa to accept you as her son, she saw how Vamsi treated you and took you under her wing.  She's always loved you like a son.  Maybe you should go talk to her..."

Dierk found Marissa in the nursery with little Marigold.  Haltingly, he confessed his fears of being a reminder of unhappy times.

Before he was done, Marissa had wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight, assuring him that he was her son in all the ways that mattered.

Feeling a sense of renewal, Dierk felt ready to face the world again.  He just wanted to find love...

His first blind date was with Steffi... a woman as vapid and self-centered as his mother.  His stomach roiled at the comparison.

"What? You should be lucky to be seen with someone as beautiful and passionate as me!" Steffi railed when Dierk had confessed he just wasn't into her.

Putting thoughts of his love life on the burner, Dierk threw himself into his family again.

Besides, it wasn't every day your little sister had a birthday...

...or your Mom!

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