August 21, 2012

Pai 2 - Round 24

Lestat couldn't believe how fast Alistair's birthday came!  Too soon his precious little baby boy was growing up!

Happy birthday Alistair!

It didn't take long for Alyssa to realize she was pregnant again, either.

Welcome to the family, Leslie!

And of course, Lee was growing up fast, as well! (When he rolled glasses & red hair for his attraction, I knew exactly who he had in mind!)

 He was madly in love with Crystal Hart.

And she was pretty enamored with him, too.

Ah, young love!

(A history lesson:  Lestat was painfully in love with Christa Downie Hart throughout high school.  As they got older, they grew apart with Christa wanting something a little different than Lestat.  I think it was really sweet that their children fell for each other 3 Bolt style!)

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