August 21, 2012

Midlocks - Round 24

Sterling & Annie both spent most of their time researching & practicing their spells. 

It seemed to take forever, but she finally delivered a little boy, Skylar.

Welcome to the family sweet little boy!

Sterling doted on his son, having resigned himself to being a bachelor for so many years.  It made it so sweet to finally have a family & a son!

And such a wonderful wife.  What a gift Annie had been to him.  He'd known the moment he'd seen her that she would change his life. But, he'd only thought it would be because she upset the balance between good & evil.  When Andrea Fong had cast her spell turning Annie into an evil witch, it had sent ripples through the town that no one else had seemed to notice.  He'd watched from afar to see how the young girl would handle the powers.  He'd noted that she hadn't seem to relish the evil, although she'd certainly been moving in that direction. 

So, he'd stepped in... and fate had taken over.

And now because of that they had a wonderful son.

Perhaps he should send Andrea a Thank You Basket, he thought happily.

(Annie maxes her skills)


Annie was delighted to see her Mother & Father, despite their undead appearance.  She knew that deep down inside, her loveable parents were there.  Perhaps there might be some sort of spell that would set them at ease.

She'd have to speak to Sterling about that.

She loved watching her Dad dote on his little grandson.

Although, everyone seemed to dote on her precocious little son!

And her soon to be daughter!

(Sterling maxes his skills! Yay!)

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