August 21, 2012

McMillans 9 - Round 24

Martin kissed Victoria tenderly before hurrying off to work. 

Valerie smiled as she watched him leave and then pulled little Tori out to start teaching her to walk.  She never thought she'd be so happy as a Mom!  But, her family was the world to her! 

Welcome to the world baby Martina!

"Mom? Can I hold the baby?" Tori asked.

Victoria smiled.  "Sure, baby, come sit on the couch next to me."

If you could only stop the time from going so fast, Victoria thought as she cuddled her toddler Martina.  She was growing up so fast!

And soon she'd be having another little baby...

.... or two!  Welcome to the family baby boys Randall & Tristan!

Happy birthday Martina!  (Cute as a button little girls!)

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