August 21, 2012

McMillans 7 - Round 24

Family was very important to Cora.  But, then again, so was knowledge.  It made sense that Cora spent every spare minute she had teaching everything she knew to Coral!  Even when pregnancy wore her out!

Welcome to the family baby Carrie!

Getting back into the groove of work was difficult for Cora.  She tried to spend every free moment she had skilling to get that next promotion.  She felt like she was running behind because of all the maternity leave she had taken off.

Thankfully Chevy was a family man & loved playing with his baby girls!

Happy Birthday Coral!

Happy Birthday Carrie!

Carrie had a pretty good life for such a sweet little one.  Her Mom took the time to teach her to talk...

...her Dad taught her to walk...

...and her sister Coral taught her all the nursery rhymes!

"Wait for me Coral!" Carrie said excitedly as she ran towards the bus for her first day at school!

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