August 21, 2012

McMillan 8 - Round 24

Gregory & Ginny were not only twins, but they were best friends...
...always getting into trouble together.

Krista had felt horrible when she woke up and found the twins passed out in the bathroom, filthy & hungry.  She'd just meant to take a nap... but apparently they hadn't been able to wake her up.  Poor things, she thought sadly. 

But despite the occasional neglect, Ginny & Gregory seemed to have turned out admirably!  (Ginny looked more like David's side of the family, while Gregory was the spitting image of Krista's dad, Quinn!)

Jenny leaned down to hug her grandson.  "You're just like your Grandpa, dear." she said sadly.  How she missed Quinn every day more and more.

(Cute shot of the kids playing together)

David hugged his wife after coming home from work, exhausted.  "Think we have time for alittle, you know?" he asked motioning his head towards the bedroom.

Krista smiled.  "Of course, the kids are fast asleep!"

Or not....

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