August 21, 2012

Kincaids - Round 24

Travis was thankful for the quiet to help him concentrate.  He was determined to get through this dumb book on parenting so that he could help out around the house more!  He didn't have any brothers or sisters, so he wasn't sure how all this family-stuff worked!

But he wanted to be the best he could be for Katherine, Katie & their unborn child.

Besides, he knew that Katherine was having a real rough time of it.  The break-in had really spooked her.  And he knew she felt that they were barely scraping by.

Welcome to the world baby Trey!

Even after her pregnancy was over, Katherine just couldn't get in the swing of things! She didn't know what was wrong with her!  It just felt like nothing could go right.

What had happened to her promising life?!  She never imagined this!  She was going to have a fairytale marriage & family, just like her mom!

But, poor little Katie was mad all the time and complained about anything and everything.

And little Trey was clingy and hated being left alone.

She wasn't happy & the kids weren't happy...

Travis was at a loss of what to do.  He tried his best to provide for his family.  He helped teach Trey his toddler skills (when Trey was in a good enough mood), he tried to help Katie with her homework, but she generally stomped off. 

God! An empty refrigerator.  Travis slammed the door shut.  What the hell was the problem!

"Spaghetti again?!" Trey complained.  "We just had that last night!"

Travis passed Trey his bowl.  "I know.  It's the leftovers, kiddo.  Eat up or go to bed. Your choice."

Katherine just faced forward, eating her leftovers quietly.

The next day, she'd been surprised to see her high school love, Ben Landry, had come to visit.  She warmly greeted him, but didn't invite him in.  She was so embarrassed!  She'd heard he was happily married now with children.  She couldn't help but wonder what their life would be like if she had picked him...

(Seriously, in college she had 3 Bolts with Ben & Travis & on a 'scope the room', she picked Travis.  Now, she has 1 Bolt with Travis & 3 Bolts with Ben, still.  I guess she thinks the grass is greener on the other side!)

The hardest conversation she ever had with Travis was confessing how unhappy she was.  She was quite startled to find out that Travis was just as unhappy.  "We need to make some changes," she told him. 

 And slowly, slowly, they started to compromise and make their house a home. 

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