August 21, 2012

Harts 3 - Round 24

Christa hugged her little brother, Gage.  "I'm so glad you could make it to Amber's birthday party!"

Gage reveled in the feeling of having a family care about you.  "I wouldn't miss it for the world," he gushed.

Christa smiled.  "Did your Mom give you a hard time about it?"

Gage shrugged and glanced away.  "I didn't tell her.  She wouldn't have wanted me to come."

Christa sighed.  "I'm sorry that she's been so horrible lately.  Soon enough you'll be off to college & ready to start your own life without her."

"It can't come too soon!"

Theo called them both over to blow out the candles on the cake.


Christa couldn't stop grinning watching her brother play with his nieces.  He seemed to really love being part of a family.  If only she had taken the time earlier to reach out to him. 

"Was that my Dad?" Gage asked.  "I look just like him."

Christa smiled sadly.  "Yes, that's Gage and Barbara.  They took me in when I was about Amber's age.  I loved them so much."

Gage stared at the pictures, trying to find any memories whatsoever.  "Can you tell me about him?" he asked, turning to face Christa.  "I want to know everything!"

Christa smiled.  "Well, it's actually a fascinating story!  Gunnar was born in an old hide-out to Don Downie, the local crime lord, and Regina Downie, a cruel, hateful woman. As Don mellowed with age & doted on his son, Regina was indifferent.  Your Dad grew to hate her, especially after he learned that she had turned into a vampire.  Soon, she became known as the Empress of Evil, committing heinous heists..."

Christa & Gage stayed up all night, talking about Gunnar and all he'd accomplished in his life.  Gage left feeling as though he were part of some sort of legacy.

Ruby gasped when she felt the baby kick.  Another baby, she thought excitedly.

This would certainly be a full house!

Thank God Crystal & Rocky were old enough to start helping out around the house!

Welcome to the family baby boy Rudy!

Matt was so pleased to have two fine looking sons!  They were both the spitting image of him!

And ready to get into lots of trouble!

(Theo & Christa are married with two little girls, Crystal & Amber.  Matt & Ruby are married with two boys, Rocky & Rudy.)

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