August 21, 2012

Goss 2 - Round 24

Welcome to the family baby boy Heathcliff!

"I'm so glad my family is talking to me again," Violet beamed. 

Cliff hugged Violet close and snuggled with her.  Personally, he thought her family were jerks for ever turning their back on her.  They were all upset because his mom, Lily, had left them when they were kids for his Dad.  Get over it already! But, it was important to Violet - so it was important to him.   "I'm happy for you, baby."

"You sure you're okay with Arthur coming over for dinner tomorrow? It won't be awkward?"

Cliff smiled.  "Of course I'm okay with it," he lied.

"I can't believe I burned dinner!" Violet wailed.  "They're going to be here in 15 minutes!"

Cliff rubbed Violet's shoulders.  "Don't sweat the small stuff.  I bet it tastes great!"

"Delicious spaghetti, baby," Cliff said as they all managed to choke down the dinner. 

Violet sent Cliff a thankful smile.  It was a little awkward seeing her brother Arthur again, but she was determined to be in his good graces again.

Oh God, Violet thought, she couldn't believe Cliff was telling that joke. 

Rubbing her belly, she couldn't wait to share her exciting news with Cliff!  He was going to be so excited!

Happy birthday Heathcliff!  (I love that he's looking right at the camera!)

Cliff was glad that they had a small family birthday party with his family.  He didn't mind Violet's family... but it still irked him a little that they had abandoned her.  His family had stepped in and supported them and Violet seemed to be forgetting all about that!

But, in the middle of her pregnancy was not the time to stir up any drama!  They'd have time to talk about everything later!

Welcome to the family Gabriel!


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