August 2, 2012

Carters 9 - Round 24

"Oi," Gretchen thought as she laid Graciela in her crib.  Taking care of twins at her age was getting to be much more difficult!  She was tired!

"Here, let me get her, Gretchen.  I'll get her bottle.  You go down and have some supper with the kids," Samuel said as he walked in.  Gretchen grazed a kiss on Samuel's cheek as she walked downstairs.  Dinner sounded good!

"Did you guys all do your homework?" Gretchen asked. 

"Yup!" Angelina piped up first, while twins Esmerelda & Fernando answered more guiltily. 

Gretchen sighed.  She just wished that she had more energy to be where she was needed!  Drained, she didn't even have the energy or the drive to help her kids with their homework!  What kind of mother was she?!

"I have the best idea for our project," Savannah told Tony Paxton excitedly.  "Mom loves to grow some plants, so I thought we could watch the growth stages!"

Tony grinned. "Sounds great. So where do we start?"

Man, Angelina was glad she didn't have to worry about her science project this year! She just hoped she wound up with someone next year that wanted to learn! 

Hearing her siblings yelling & running around, she went to see if she could help out any.

The babies of the family, Carlitos & Graciela!

"Do you need help with your homework?" Angelina asked her younger sister, Esmerelda. 

"Nope! Savannah already helped me!"

"Great! Then it's time to go wash up & get ready for bed," she told Esmerelda & Fernando.

"Awww..." they cried in unison as they ran upstairs.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted her Dad.

"Hey Dad!" she called out and hurried to catch up with him. "So I was thinking about a car."

Uh oh. Samuel knew where this was going.  "Ooookay..."

"What do I have  to do to get one? I really, really want one!"

Samuel thought about it.  "Well, you'd have to do really good in school & save up the money yourself."

"Great! Then I'll get a job! Thanks Daddy!" she cried as she stepped up on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.  "I'll go look right now!"

Gretchen was laying in bed with Samuel came in with a bemused look on his face.  "What is it?" she asked.

"I'm not sure, but I think I might have just promised Angelina a car," Samuel said as he sat on the bed next to her.

Gretchen dissolved into a fit of giggles, burying her head in his shoulder.  "You think?!"

Samuel tickled her.  "I'll show you to laugh at me!" he teased.


Alejandro was glad that Sunny Goss had come over.  He was crazy about her, but he knew he was going to have to break her heart.  His teacher had recommended that he test ahead a year since he was doing so well.

He was going to college.

Their love affair was over before it really got started, he thought sadly.

But, just one more kiss....

(This is pretty much what the entire round looked like.  Sims complaining about being hungry, bored & extremely tired.  Sit down & do your stupid homework Alejandro! You'll get food in a minute! Geez!)

"Oh, I know Graciela & Carlitos would be honored to be accepted into your program," Gretchen assured the headmaster.  "After all, her brothers & sisters all have enjoyed it there."

There had never been any doubt in Samuel's mind that they would not be accepted. 

Wanting to tie up loose ends, Alejandro finished the poster for the science fair.  He wouldn't be there, but it wasn't fair to his lab partner, William Reed, to make him do all the work.

Savannah had invited Tony over to show him how the tomato plant had gone.  She handed over the pictures she'd taken at each stage.  Hopefully it was all the material he'd need to ace that project!

Angelina was in LOVE!  One glance across the lawn & she was hooked.

If only her Mom would go inside & quit hanging around, she thought furiously.

Finally!  Alone at last! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ESMERELDA & FERNANDO!  (Fernando is a pleasure Sim & Esmerelda is a family Sim)

Samuel watched the teens run amok in the home. 

It seemed like there were a few teens laughing & giggling in every corner!

Perhaps he should've done a better job of supervising!

(I was surprised she was able to have her first kiss so soon in their relationship, I guess it must've been the 3 bolts!)

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