August 21, 2012

Carters 10 - Round 24

"Jeremy, we really need to talk to someone about enlarging this place.  We're going to have the baby any day now & we have no room for a crib!"

Jeremy frowned.  "Sure we do! We can put it right next to the dining room table!"

"And when the baby is crying?"

"Then you can get up and feed her?" he asked hopefully.

Meadow glared.

"Okay, okay, I'll talk to someone about enlarging the place!"

Welcome to the family baby Jeremiah!

"Have you talked to someone about the place yet?" Meadow asked.  "We have the baby and nothing's been done!"

Jeremy sighed.  "I'm on it!"

Uh oh - looks like we're going to have strict parents.  The poor baby wet his diaper & Meadow and Jeremy both went off...

"No, no, baby!"

Glancing at each other, Meadow & Jeremy called "Not it"!

Jeremiah was a little cutie, growing up fast!  Now that Meadow was pregnant again, she really didn't have the energy for dealing with the fast-paced toddler.

Thankfully Jeremy was able to step in and help take care of the little guy!

"Stop teaching him to walk and come help ME!" she cried.

Welcome to the world sweet little Dakota!

And happy birthday Jeremiah!  You're the spitting image of your Daddy!

Umm.. maybe you should lock your door next time.   "Mom... mom... wake up... will you read me a book?"  He wants to wake you up from deep sleep & ask you to read a book to him.  Yup, sounds like a kiddo alright.

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