August 9, 2012

Carpenters 3 - Round 24

"Whatcha looking at, son?" Russell said when he got home from work, looking up towards the sky.

"Eh, nothing. I'm trying to look for some clouds," Ethan said, bored.  "Our science fair project is going to be on the different types of clouds that can be seen."

Russell frowned.  "But, I don't see any clouds."

"I know! That's the problem!" Ethan grumbled.  "I think this is going to be hard!"

"Well, good luck, son." Russell said, walking towards the door.

Ethan glanced up at a spot in the sky & squinted.  "What the f...."

A loud boom crashing outside had Russell running towards the door.  He was absolutely horrified to see a flaming twist of metal sitting in the spot that Ethan had been gazing up at the non-existent clouds.  (Seriously Maxis! He just sat down to look at the clouds! For like 5 seconds!)

Pulling the wreckage away, Russell called to Ethan, digging to find his son.  "Please be okay.  Please be okay...."

Opal came outside and gasped when she saw the satellite that had fallen from the sky.  'Russell?" she asked tearfully,  "Where's Ethan?"

Russell didn't respond as he continued to search through the pile of debris, praying to the higher powers that his son was okay.

"Dad?" Ethan asked shakily.

Russell turned around and saw his son huddled a few feet away.  Safe!

Russell hurried to his son & wrapped his arms around him, hugging him tight.  He'd been so scared, but Ethan was alright! 

Rusty rolled his eyes when Ethan told the story for the 100th time. 

"And so I saw this fleck in the sky and it came hurtling down! I barely escaped with my life!"

It's not that Rusty wasn't glad that Ethan was safe... but... he wished Ethan could shut up about it for 5 minutes.  Everyone was acting like Ethan was a freaking hero, all because he'd managed not to get killed!

Anthony didn't know about anyone else, but he couldn't help but feel that the satellite landing in their front yard, narrowly missing their son, had taken 10 years off his life!

Apparently Sheldon felt the same way.  He couldn't even look at the wreckage that sat on the front lawn.  Even worse was the fact that they were required by law to keep it there! Right in the yard!

Sheldon walked inside & could tell that Russell was feeling down.  A big Big Foot hug should do the trick, he thought.

Inspiration had struck Ethan & after a quick phone call to Madeline about their project, he'd whipped up the poster.  Done!

Noah sighed.  Ethan was done with his science fair project and he'd been conned by their cousin Christina into doing the whole stupid thing himself.

"Oh wait! There's one," Noah said out-loud as he swooped to catch a bug.

This blew the big one, he sighed as he came up empty handed.

Although, he had to say that he was quite lucky to meet his future wife, Angelina Carter!  They were both interested law & making a load of money!

She's my kind of woman, Noah couldn't help but think!

At the last minute, Noah was able to threw together the poster.  Hopefully it was good enough!


  1. Wow - congrats on seeing the satelite death, even if it wasn't expected (or really wanted). I've never actually managed to get that event to happen :).

    1. I had no clue what was going on! So funny! I'm just glad he was able to be saved!


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