August 21, 2012

Camerons - Round 24

Roberto had the best of two worlds!  He had a lovely, vivacious wife and two wonderful kids at home.  But, when he came to Midnight Flows, he was a free man!

"Guess what gorgeous?" Roberto said, walking up to Claire  & goosing her. 

"Mr. Cameron!" she gasped, unable to make him believe she was upset.  "The customers!"

Roberto just leered.  "Sophie quit. Apparently her new husband decided she should follow her dreams into the athletic field.  You want her job?"

Claire gasped.  "You mean it? You think I could handle it?!"

"Sure, sure!" Roberto said, already looking around the room to see who was around. 

"That means the world to me, Roberto," Claire said softly, placing her hand on his arm. 

Roberto glanced back at Claire.  She certainly was pretty when she was all dolled up & not wearing her glasses.  "Well, you can show me how thankful you are alittle later, gorgeous.  I gotta go now.  Let me know if you have any questions." 

A very attractive woman was making eyes at him across the room.

"Mister Cameron?" the lady greeted him as he approached.

Surprised she knew his name, he grinned.  "You can call me Roberto.  And what may I have the pleasure of calling you?"

"I am Yolanda Rodriguez, perhaps you recognize me from the daytime soap opera After Night."

Roberto knew better than to roll his eyes when he was attempting to charm a lovely lady.  "I thought you seemed familiar.  What can I do for you?"

"Ah, but it is what I can do for you!" Yolanda playfully teased.

Roberto liked the sound of that even better.  "I'm all ears, gorgeous," he said, motioning to the sofa in a secluded section of the room.

Yolanda wasted no time explaining how she could bring additional customers with her star power.  Roberto mentally scoffed, but eagerly nodded.  Yolanda's only condition was that she would always be paid Ridiculously compensated.  Roberto shrugged.  Why not? Vamsi did the books, let her worry about that.

Scooting closer, Roberto wasted no time in getting to know his new star power alittle better.

Vamsi glanced up when Roberto came into the bathroom, reeking of perfume.  "How's the club?" she asked.

Roberto smiled.  "It's going well."

"Did Claire take the new position?"

"Oh yeah. She was very pleased."

Vamsi scoffed. "I'm sure she was.  She basically had no skills to speak of when we brought her aboard.  You didn't promise her pay raise, did you?"

"Oh now, I believe she feels she's fairly compensated." Roberto said, managing to keep a straight face. 

"Oh! I did hire a new greeter. She's going to bring good business to the club. She's a little expensive, but I think we'll see the profits soon."

Vamsi turned around and let out an exasperated growl.  "Why would you hire someone without talking to me? We're partners in this, remember?"

Roberto waved her concerns away.  "But, I'm the deed holder.  I'm running the business, day in & day out."

Vamsi glared and poked his chest.  "The only reason it's in your name alone is because of I wasn't aware that it wouldn't be in both our names.  Need I remind you that I was the one that had to give up rights to my son for that business!"

Roberto put his hands on Vamsi's shoulders.  "Are we going to pretend that you weren't happy to get rid of that whining brat? Besides, now  you have a son & a daughter with me!"

Vamsi turned back to the mirror & dismissed him.  He could be so arrogant! Why ever did she fall for him?!

But it was true.  They had a lovely son & daughter together.  A perfect family, she scoffed. 

Oh, she was well aware that he was catting around with other women at the club.  He came home drenched in perfume and always came in to take a shower before coming to see her.  

And he was continually bringing women home from the club, conducting interviews & "sales pitches."  She wouldn't be surprised if one of the requirements for the job were to have slept with him. 

But, really, as long as the business was thriving, she didn't care.

He could do what he wanted.

 "Come on Vamsi, you're in Daddy's way. I want to see this guy score the point!"

"But Daddy! Look at me!" Vamsi cheered, doing a handstand. 

"Yeah, yeah. That's great. Scoot out of the way!"

Vamsi watched as her husband shooed their daughter way without acknowledging her and felt a deep hurt in her chest.  How could he be so thoughtless & cruel?!

Perhaps she'd mellowed with time, perhaps she was more maternal than she had thought, but she silently amended that Roberto could do anything he wanted as long as he didn't hurt her babies.

Although, you could hardly call Robbie her little boy anymore.  He was growing fast!

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