August 9, 2012

Becketts - Round 24

Michelle knew it was silly, but she was so excited for this last pregnancy.  She couldn't wait to see if she was having a little boy or a little girl.

Tony & Mindy were just growing up too fast!  It'd be nice to have another little baby in the house!

"Kids, I have an announcement to make," Michelle said when everyone had gathered at the table.  "You're going to have a little brother or sister soon!"

Michelle had been worried that Tony might not take it well, but he seemed to be just as excited as Mindy was!
After the dinner dishes had been cleared away, Michelle wrapped her arms around Anthony and grinned.  "Looks like our fears that they wouldn't want a baby around were unfounded!"

Anthony chuckled.  "I would say so!  But, we're going to have out! Mindy wants to name the baby Sashay-ay!"

"Maybe that'll be the middle name," Michelle joked.

Tony was pretty excited his Mom was having a baby.  He'd told his lab partner, Savannah and she'd cringed.  She came from a house packed full of kids!  Tony chuckled.  Thankfully Mom wouldn't have that many!

Michelle tried to labor quietly so as not to alarm the kiddos.

Soon they welcomed little boy, Connor.

Watching the birth had changed Mindy.  She didn't know where she thought the baby came from.. maybe a stork... but certainly hadn't been expecting that much pain

In a lot of ways, Mindy grew up that night!

Mindy had the best brother in the world! He invited a few of his friends over so that she could get to know the high school kids! 

Happy birthday Connor!

And Michelle!

Not really seeing anyone that caught her fancy, Mindy decided to use the local matchmaker.

And hit the pay load!  Addison was so sexy! she thought.

After spending all afternoon together, Mindy finally worked up the nerve to let him know how she felt.

She was elated he said he felt the same way!

He even came over to her Dad's birthday get together!

Happy birthday Anthony!

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