July 28, 2012

Trevinos, Part 2 - Round 24

Ray couldn't believe he'd been so blinded by love.  Well, there was no way he was ever going through that again! 

"It was a raw deal," his friend Manuel tried to console him.  "But you shouldn't become a hermit.  Then she wins!  You need to live it up! Have some fun!"

Ray glanced up from his reading.  "You know... you might have a point!"  It was time to quit sulking & start living like he had before that traitorous skank had come into his life.  "Make the calls," Ray told his friend.  "I'll go get ready."

Thanks to Manuel & his smoothness with the ladies, the house was soon crawling with beautiful women.  Let the good times roll,  he thought as he snagged a drink from the bartender.

Ray's eyes shot up when he saw Erin walk through the door. Who'd invited her.  "Erin!" he said, greeting her with a hug.  "I'm glad you came!"

Erin looked around.  "Umm... we had a meeting scheduled.  But, we can reschedule if you like."

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no! You  have to stay! Stay! Okay?" Ray rambled. "Let's go.  Let's meet!"

"Umm... if you're sure...." she said as she trailed behind him up the stairs.

Erin sighed as Ray looked over the ledger.  He would read halfway down the column and then stop and restart. "Ray, we can reschedule for later. It's not going to make sense right now."

Ray's shoulders hunched and he put his head in his hand, shaking his head.  "It's all wrong," he moaned.

Concerned, Erin hopped up to look over the paperwork.  Had she messed the numbers up?  She put her hands on the desk and leaned over his shoulder.

"I just can't believe she did that to me!" he whispered, capturing her hand with his.  "You were friendly with her.  Did you know?"

Erin's heart skipped a beat when he looked into her eyes.  "No.." she stuttered, completely aware of the fact that he was still holding her hand.  "I had no clue!  I was surprised when I heard... I just can't believe she could hurt you like that!" 

Ray dropped his head back to his one hand as he kept hold of her other on the desk.  Erin wasn't sure how long they stood like that when he left go and stood up.

Kissing her cheek, he said, "You're a good friend. Feel free to stay for the party."  Erin lifted her hand to her cheek after he walked out of the room.  He'd kissed her!

Hearing Rayne cry, she walked into the nursery and lifted the little baby.  "Such a cutie patootie," Sophia cooed to her.  She couldn't believe Lizzie would've willingly given up a man like Ray and this precious baby for a roll in the sack.  It was unfathomable!

Ray was surprised when he walked in on Erin feeding Rayne.  "You didn't have to do that!" he said.  "I have a nanny!"

Erin glanced up. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't see anyone and she was crying... I've fed her before, haven't I sweet pea?" Erin nuzzled Rayne's nose. 

Ray came close and leaned over to play with Rayne's toes.  "She's so precious," he said sadly.  Solemnly he looked into Erin's eyes.  "I'd do it all over in a heartbeat for Rayne alone."

Erin's heart raced when he looked at her like that.

It was so cruel that she'd loved him all these years and he'd never noticed her.  She never would've broken his heart like Lizzie did!

"I guess I should be going," she said lamely as she handed Rayne to him, trying to avoid touching his strong, sexy hands.  God, she had it bad!

"Thanks Erin," he said as he cradled his daughter in his arms.  Reaching out he stopped her as she started towards the door.  "I mean it.  Thanks."

Erin just nodded her head as she hurried to leave.

Ray didn't see Erin again until little Rayne's birthday party. 

He'd proudly help up his beautiful daughter for all the guests to see. 

Ray could feel Erin watching him as he worked his way around the room, greeting guests and making small talk.  If he wasn't off his game, he might think that she had a thing for him.

Wanting to fluster her, he sat down next to her.  Teasing her, he reached out and lightly caressed her hand.  "Careful with those eyes, a man might think you've got a thing for him."

Erin had jumped, but quickly recovered, blushing as she said softly, "Then a man might've finally noticed."

Now it was Ray's turn to be flustered.  He found it difficult to swallow over the lump in his throat.  Erin was clearly offering... and to be honest... this was this first time since Lizzie left that he'd even been interested in anything more... carnal...

"He might not have noticed before, but he's noticing now," Ray said.  "So, what do we do about it?"

As she stood up and walked towards the stairs, looking back at Ray who sat pole-axed, Erin had never felt more bold in her life.  She'd dreamed of an oppurtunity like this for years! 

Standing in his room, Ray held her hand.  "Are you sure?" he asked.  "You have to be very, very sure."

Erin nodded eagerly.  "I'm sure."

"And you don't have to be nervous. It's just me..." he said.

"I'm not nervous," she said shaking her head.  "I've wanted this for years..."

Ray smoothed back his hair.  "Well, I guess I'm the only one that's nervous," he said with a shaky voice.

Erin stroked his cheek, "You don't have to be nervous..."


The next morning Erin woke up alone.  At first she was worried.  Should she have slept over? Should she have left? Why didn't he wake her?  

Peeking into Rayne's room, she saw him playing with his daughter.

Ray glanced up when he heard the door open and grinned at her, motioning with his head to meet him in the hall.  Kissing Rayne's head, he said "I'll see you in alittle pumpkin.  Be good for Nanny!"

Quietly he closed the door and then crossed the hall in two steps and pulled Erin into his arms.  "I'm glad you're up," he said.  "I was thinking about you this morning."

Erin smiled shyly.  "I wasn't sure when I woke up..."

"Aw, Christ, Erin, I'm sorry.  I didn't think about how'd it feel to wake up alone! I should've been there."

Erin nudged his shoulder. "Don't be silly! You have a million other things to do!"

"Well, I've canceled all million things I had on my agenda today.  Will you stay with me?"

Erin couldn't wait!


Ray rolled his shoulders as he put the book down.  He guessed it was time to head to bed.  He'd done as much work as was going to get done tonight.  Christ, but it'd been a long night! 

He was mentally exhausted from the hours of research he'd done, ready to collapse at any moment.  But, as he walked down the hall, the thought of Erin waiting for him made him pick up his pace.

"How was work?" she asked as she scooted over to cuddle against him. 

"It was work." He replied, distracted by her outfit.  "What I'd really like to discuss is getting that off of you!"

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