July 28, 2012

Trevinos, Part 1 - Round 24

Lizzie had been shocked when they pulled up to her new home.  Excitedly, she jumped out of the car and looked around.

 "A movie room?" she'd asked excitedly as she trailed her fingers down the soft leather.

"A hookah? You've got to be kidding me!"

 "It's perfect, Ray!" Lizzie said excitedly. "Absolutely perfect."

"I'm glad you like it here," Ray said, holding her hands.  "I want to share it with you.  I'd like you to think about having the wedding soon."

Lizzie balked.  "I will, Ray.  I promise...." Smiling up at him, she said coyly, "But right now there are a few other things that I want to think about!"

Ray was certainly open to the discussion.

"Hey, I thought I'd find you out here," Ray said as he gazed at Lizzie soaking in the sun.  He was glad she found his home so alluring.  He hoped that it would help her come around to finalizing their wedding plans.  "I have some work to do this afternoon, but feel free to go downstairs.  My butler, Alvin, should have lunch ready at noon."

"Butler?" Lizzie asked, blinking.  "You have a butler?!"

Ray laughed. "Of course!  See you soon," he said, brushing a kiss on her forehead.

A butler, Lizzie mused.  Now this was living!

And another thing - Ray had the best friends! They were all so beautiful, well-dressed and well-spoken!

She had really hit it off with Ray's accountant, Erin.  At Ray's encouragement, they'd gone out on a spa day & been pampered.  Lizzie loved her new look!

"Excuse me, I'll just grab one of these," she told the cocktail waitress as she grabbed a drink.

Yup, this was definitely living!

"Come upstairs with me," Lizzie said as she kissed Ray goodnight.

Ray frowned and glanced at his watch.  "Actually, I have a meeting in just a few minutes.  I'll be in after I finish up with that," he promised.

"Well, I'll be in the hot tub... maybe I'll put my swimsuit on," she teased.  "I guess you'll just have to think about that the whole meeting!"

Ray groaned.
Lizzie relaxed in the tub, eagerly awaiting Ray coming out to join her.  She'd been looking forward to having her way with him all night long!

Feeling a presence, she teased, "It's about time you got here, take your pants off and join me!"

"I'd love to," Derek said smoothly.

Startled, Lizzie jerked and twisted around to see him.  "What are you doing here?" she hissed, stepping out of the hot tub.

"You think you can just cut me out and go ahead with our plan? Look at you living here, high on the hog & leaving me out to dry!"

"It's not like that, Derek," Lizzie argued.  "I'm in love with him, something you don't know anything about!  I bet I was just a part of your plan!  You don't really love me!"

"What does that matter?" he growled.  "All I know is that I bet he'd be very interested in hearing about our arrangement..."

"We don't have an arrangement, Derek!"

"Come on, I just lost my most lucrative position.  Surely you have it in your heart to hire me.  Hire me and I won't say a word."

Lizzie thought about it.  "We have a butler though!"

Derek shrugged.  "Figure it out.  Call me tomorrow and let me know."

Lizzie watched Derek fade into the shadows & grabbed a drink.  It took a long time for her nerves to settle down.  Thank God Ray was in his meeting!

"Thanks for agreeing to meet with me at this time of night," Ray told Erin.  "Now, let's go over those numbers."  Lizzie had been right.  All he thought about the entire meeting was whether or not she was wearing anything....

Lizzie plastered on a smile when Ray walked through the door and hopped in the spa.

"You little minx! I had the worst time going over the numbers with Sophia! She thought I was jacked in the head tonight!" he teased as he pulled her to him.

"Actually, I feel a little uncomfortable out here right now.." Lizzie hedged.

Ray reached out to pull her to him again.  "Come on baby, we've done it out here a  million times.  It's well secluded."

Lizzie squirmed out of his arms.  "Let's go inside, Ray.  It's too cold, anyway."

Ray was a little confused, but no biggie... inside... outside... what did it matter to him?!


"How are you feeling?" Ray asked her anxiously.  Ever since he'd found out she was pregnant, he was driving her crazy, she thought, utterly irritated.

"I'm fine. Just let me eat my breakfast in peace."

"Right. Well let me know if you need anything. Alvin will get it for you."

Ray glanced up.  "Is that... wait... is that your old cleaning service?" he asked.

Lizzie gulped. "Why yes, remember I spoke to you about that and we hired him."

Ray tried to remember the conversation.  "I don't remember.  I'm sure that Alvin can handle anything that needs to be done."

"Oh I'm sure, it's just... I just feel closer to my parents..." Lizzie lied.  "We had him for so long, it's like having part of my home here."

Ray looked at her quizzically.  "Well, if you're sure."

"I am," she said, grinding her teeth.

"He suspects something"! Lizzie whispered furiously to Derek.  "I told you this wasn't a good idea!"

Derek waved his hand.  "He doesn't suspect a thing! You're just being paranoid."

Lizzie heard a door opening and glanced up to see Alvin walking out.  God, it wouldn't do to have him see her arguing with Derek.  What a mess! she thought frantically.  Speaking a little louder, she gave Derek a pointed look and said, "Well, don't be careless with the dusting again!"

Then, turning on her heel, she hurried back inside, too afraid to look to see if Alvin had paid any attention at all.

Lizzie was pretty sure she'd find Ray in their room at this hour, reading his paper.  Walking in, she discovered she was right.  Laying down next to him, she nudged him to get his attention.  "I'd like to finish making preparations for the wedding," she told him.

Ray dropped the newspaper down and grinned at her.  "Really?" he asked.  "You're ready?"

Wordlessly, she nodded.

"Wonderful!" Ray said as he pulled her into his arms.  "I must admit I was beginning to worry!"

"Well, you shouldn't have!" she told him, tacking on an "I love you" as an after fact.

It was beautiful, lavish wedding held at the chapel.  Ray couldn't believe how lucky he was to know call Lizzie his wife.  She brought so much life and happiness to his life.

Not to mention that soon she would bring his child!

 "I love you," Ray said as he stroked her cheek.  He couldn't wait to get her upstairs!

 "Umm..." Lizzie's brain stalled.  "Give me a moment to make a phone call.. you know, to my brothers... and then I'll be up," she said, trying to smile and act normal.  Ray leaned forward and kissed her tenderly before heading upstairs.

"What are you doing here at this time of night? Are you crazy?" Lizzie demanded.

 "Of course I'm not crazy, Mrs. Trevino! But, I'm also not satisfied with just access to the household goods."

His words seemed puzzling.  "Access to the household goods.." she repeated.  "Oh my God! You're stealing from him! You're going to get caught!"

"Only if you tell!" Derek threatened.  "And if I get caught, I'll bring you down with me!"

 "This is enough!" Lizzie said.  "I've had enough! I'm not doing this! Yes, I thought I loved you and dreamed of marrying Ray and seducing him out of alimony.  But this is different! We're married with a baby on the way!"

"Even better," Derek said, "We'll get child support, too."

"Ha! That's rich!" Lizzie said.  "Why would I want someone as low as you when I can have someone as important as him!"

She saw the anger flash in his eyes.  "You'll regret that!" he said, jabbing his finger at her.  "I'm going to make sure you regret that!"

 Lizzie watched Derek walk away and buried her face in her hands.  This was so not good! Her life was perilously close to falling to pieces.  She had to do something!

With shaking hands, she punched in a number.

"I need to see you," she said, and gave her address.

"Give me 5 minutes," was the terse answer.

Sighing, she realized that she was feeling more calm & in control now.  He would take care of everything!

 "He's blackmailing you?" Ty asked.

Lizzie nodded sadly.  "I'd had a horrible plan to marry Ray and then divorce him for alimony payments. But, I didn't!"

Ty nodded, shaking his head.  "Wow, what a piece of work you are.  Good thing I don't have money!"

"I'm not proud of myself," she said miserably.  "It was all Derek's idea and I just somehow got wrapped up in it..."  Lizzie couldn't seem to stop crying.  Saying it all out loud made her sound like a horrible, horrible person!

 "Aw, don't cry, Lizzie," Ty said as he hugged her.  "I'll take care of it.  He won't bother you anymore."

"Are you sure?" she asked.  "I just can't live like this... with this threat over my head all the time!"

"I'm positive.  For him to come up with a scam like this, he must've done it before. I'll find out what we have on him and make him a better offer."

Lizzie looked at Ty confused. "A better offer than thousands of dollars?"

A ferrel smile lit up Ty's face.  "A better offer than sitting in a jail cell, rotting."

"Oh God, Ty, thank you so much!" Lizzie said as she squeezed him tight.


Lizzie was so glad when she finally gave birth!  Now she had her figure back!  And, of course, a beautiful little girl, Rayne.

Ray was head over heels in love with his wife.  She'd give him a beautiful daughter and filled his home with laughter and love.

Could it get any better than this?!


Lizzie cracked open her eyes when a shadow moved over her field of vision.  "Ty!" she exclaimed in surprise.  "What are you doing here?" she asked, also wondering why no one ever called before stopping by.

"I wanted to personally let you know that your problem is taken care of."

Lizzie jumped up.  "Really? It's over?" she asked.

"Completely," he assured her.

"Oh God! I don't know how to thank you!" she said softly. 

Ty looked down at Lizzie in her skimpy bathing suit.  "I can think of a way..."

Lizzie knew that she should probably push him away as he wrapped his arms around her and leaned in for a kiss... but he just felt too incredible! And it'd been so long since she'd felt so sexy and passionate!

It didn't take much coaxing to take their private party upstairs...

"I hate to trouble you sir, but I think there's something that you should be aware of..."


"Mr. Trevino will see you now," Alvin said pretentiously.  Lizzie turned around and glared.  Alvin had been treating her more coolly since...  suddenly she felt frozen with shock... Alvin had been treating her coolly since she had her affair with Ty.  He couldn't know, could he?

Glancing at the door to Ray's office, her stomach plummeted.  He couldn't know, could he?

Straightening her shoulders, she walked into the room, shocked to see the look of distaste written over Ray's face.

Well, that answers that, she thought to herself.  He knows.

"Let's just get this unpleasantness over with, Lizzie.  It has come to light that you had an affair.  Possibly numerous ones..."

"Numerous ones?!" Lizzie shouted, shooting a glare at Alvin.  "That's ridiculous."

"But you freely admit you had an affair."

"It was just one time!" Lizzie blurted.  "It was a mistake!"

 Ray stood up. "One was enough!"  Visibly restraining his temper, he added, "I'm sure you're aware of the terms of our prenuptial agreement."

Lizzie shifted in her seat uncomfortably.  "Of course," she hedged.

"In the case of adultery, there will be no alimony & I shall retain custody of Rayne," he quoted as he walked around the desk towards her. 

"No!" Lizzie cried.  "You can't take my baby!"

Ray crossed his arms.  "You were the one that made the decision to disintegrate the family."

"How can you be so unfeeling?! So... so... hard?!" Lizzie sobbed.  "I thought you loved me!"

 "Enough!" Ray barked.  "I wasn't the one that had sex with another man, Lizzie! This is all your doing.  As the saying goes, you've made your bed. Now go lie in it..."


Lizzie stumbled from the house,  unsure of where she was going.  Ray had told her to lie in her bed and then turned his back on her, as though she was nothing.

 Feeling like she had nowhere else to go... Lizzie took a chance.

Pulling out her compact, she touched up her make-up.  She'd need to put her best foot forward for this to work....

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