July 22, 2012

Steeles - Round 24

Malcolm was excited.  He had made the big promotion he'd been dreaming of for ages now.  They were certainly heading up in the world!

Even their pets were exceptionally talented thanks to Marion's efforts!

 Happy Birthday Maddox!

"I'm sorry, ma'am, you must have the wrong phone number."

The social worker tsked after his statement.  "Sir, we've had a report that there might be neglect occurring in your household.  Please consider this your warning."

Malcolm was astonished.  He couldn't believe a social worker had called & accused them of neglect! He loved all his children!  What on earth could she be talking about?

"Girls! Please play a little quieter!" Marion admonished as she was trying to finish the last of her research, her temple slowly rising.  "That's it! Outside!" she ordered.  Mumbling under her breath about loud children being from Malcolm's side, she attempted to find where she'd left off.

But they don't stay children forever...  Happy Birthday Makayla!

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