July 24, 2012

Russells - Round 24

Stephanie was so in love with Vaughn Potter.  She couldn't wait to hear his voice in the morning.  And she loved talking to him last thing before going to bed.  She was truly and utterly in love!

Hilary teased her, but she figured it was because she was just jealous.

And boy was Hilary jealous!  She couldn't believe her twin had found someone to date so soon after becoming a teenager! And she didn't have anyone!  But, she wanted someone, too!  Just to show Stephanie that a boy liked her, too!

Tony Beckett would do!  They'd been friends forever.  She could see herself kissing him...

 Maybe even going steady?

 "Yeah, so Tony asked me to go steady with him. Can you believe it?" Hilary bragged.

"Really?!" Stephanie's mouth dropped.  "He asked you?!"

Hilary smiled. "Of course he did. And of course I said yes. I've always said he was so cute!"

"No you haven't," Stephanie said, a little suspiciously.  "Are you making this up?"

"NO! God, Stephanie! You don't think a boy could like me?!" Hilary accused.

"Of course not, Hilary! It just seemed so out of the blue!" Stephanie reassured her sister.  "I'm so  happy for you guys! Maybe we should plan a double date!"

"Sure! I'll call Tony!"

A few weeks later...

Hilary gushed about William Reed after school.  "He's so cute & funny! You know I've always liked him."

Stephanie sighed. "Of course!"  she said, even though she was thinking about how quickly Hilary fell in and out of love with guys.  It seemed like they expressed the teeniest bit of interest in her, she thought she was in love.

It was nothing like what she had with Vaughn!

And of course Stephanie didn't say anything a few weeks later when Hilary was going on and on about Grant, either.

 Happy Birthday Leland!

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