July 19, 2012

Rom Com - Round 23

"Just wait until you see the place," Edwin said cheerfully as  they filed up the stairs.

"This railing looks a little rickety," Nicole complained.

"Hey, wait for me, guys!" Travis called out as he pushed through the gated door.  "Man, this place looks cool!"

Edwin Carpenter, Travis Bradshaw, Mary McMillan, & Nicole Reed had all watched their friends & family fall in love & get married and start popping out babies.  They weren't ready for that kind of life, so they'd decided to pitch in and get a place to stay together.  The best fit was these apartments on the edge of town.  It gave them space to woo in private... but still close enough to have fun hanging out together!  If they needed some privacy, they just hung a sock on the door!

Edwin was psyched to try out his new bed with Mary.

Unfortunately, the walls seemed to be paperthin & Nicole and Travis could hear the bed squeaking from the hallway.

The next morning, Mary called Travis over to her unit.  "I'm so sorry Travis.  I know it must've hurt to hear, but it was just a one-time thing.  You know I'm crazy about you."

Travis tried to brush it off.  

Afterall, it wasn't like he was completely innocent, either.

Nicole had been so mad after catching Edwin & Mary together that she'd jumped straight in his bed.  Nothing like revenge woohoo to make the world go round!

At the same time Mary was apologizing to Travis, Edwin was doing some apologizing of his own.

Thankfully, Nicole was forgiving. Very forgiving!

Nicole fluffed her hair as she stepped out of the closet, complaining, "It smells like moth balls in there! I'm not doing that again!"

"No prob, babe," Edwin said as he winked at her.

Miffed that Edwin didn't seem to care about her complaints, she stomped out of the room and slammed the door.  She'd show him! she thought.  See if she slipped into his closet anytime soon!

Not that Edwin would miss her...

He kind of had his hands full...

Hoping to hop back into Travis' bed, Nicole prepared dinner.  But, she was dismayed when she realized he had company over.

But, she soon discovered there was an appreciative audience...

Quincy couldn't believe it.. Nicole was here... and Chasity wasn't.  He tried to be strong... but... temptation was just too strong and Nicole's dress was a little too tight...

Looking around to make sure Travis wasn't around, Nicole led Quincy to his closet.

She needn't have worried... Travis was busy doing something else...

Time wore on & they all pursued their individual interests... as well as their mutual interests....

Edwin wished that they'd never all moved into together.  Their relationship was being shot to hell.  He & Travis weren't getting along together anymore.  All over stupid girls!

Mary couldn't believe that Travis had jumped to her defense when she & Edwin had been arguing about the stream of girls passing through his place.

"That was so romantic," she told Travis with a quick peck.  "Now, both of you can go.  I have plans for tonight that don't include either of you."

But, it involved a very hot stud, Trevor Carter.

Edwin stormed out & ran into Nicole downstairs.  Tit for tat, he thought morosely. 

And he didn't know why, but something just clicked for him.  Maybe he was tired of jumping between girls & apologizing all the time.  He wasn't sure if it was love... but... he just gazed at Nicole and knew... maybe it was time to settle down.

Feeling alittle bit more sure of himself the next day, he called friends and family over to toast them.

Then, dropped to one knee and proposed.

"We've been through so much together, I feel like we can do anything together.  Besides, you're willing to put up with me & my crap!" he joked.

Nicole wrapped her arms around him and squealed, "I love you Edwin! It's always been you!"

Travis stormed upstairs and pushed her.  "I just heard! Thanks for saying something to me first!"

Edwin stepped in front of Nicole.  "Maybe you should go cool down first."

Shaking his head, Travis shoved Edwin as well.  "Some friend you've turned out to be!"

Edwin hung his head.  "I know. Maybe we can work on that."

"No way, now! I know how you are!"

In their new unit upstairs, Edwin & Nicole looked around.  Maybe now that they were together, everything else would fall into place.

Edwin wasn't sure he could do the whole monogamous thing.. but he was willing to try for Nicole.

Especially after they found out she was expecting.

Swallowing his fears, Edwin proposed to her.  It was official.  Nicole was Mrs. Carpenter and both of them were officially off the market.

But... did they do the right thing?

And could things ever go back to the way they were?

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