July 19, 2012

Reeds 4 - Round 23

Mitchell was psyched his parents didn't care whether or not he threw parties or not.  It made it much easier to be the cool kid on the block. 

Oh yeah, living on the beach didn't hurt one bit, either!

This freshmen chick, Savannah, had caught his eye... but she didn't seem very interested in him at all.  He tried talking her up, but she played it real cool. 

Oh well, Mitchell thought, there had to be someone easier to get along with somewhere!

"I'd like everyone's attention, please," Norma called out to the room.  "It's time for Naomi to blow out the candles!  Happy birthday, baby!"

Naomi glanced around and made her wish, then leaned over and blew out all the candles on her cake. 

Happy Birthday Naomi!

Unfortunately, not long after she blew the candles out, she got cornered by Alejandro Carter. Talk about boring! she thought grumpily.   "Umm, look, I'll talk to you later, okay? I have to go say hi to everyone!"  Excited to be free from talking about chess, Naomi made her get away.

Mitchell was glad Chantel McMillan made it over to chat.  He knew she was going away to school soon.  Man, he'd miss her.  She was so much fun to talk to.  He was just about to make his move, when she glanced over her shoulder and glared.

Apparently she was upset that his little sister Naomi was making a move on Neil Carter.

"Hey! Naomi! What are you doing?!" he said incredulously!  No way was his little sister getting her first kiss before him!  Not fair!

Glancing around the party, he looked for someone that sparked his interest....

Abbey Carter! She'd been hinting that she wouldn't mind dating!

It wasn't long before the night disintegrated into a full-fledged make-out party.

Upstairs and down!  Relieved that the kids were safely having fun downstairs (ah, how little parents seem to know!), Phillip & Norma took a moment to get alittle romantic themselves!

Mitchell had to admit that there house was definitely the new hangout place!

He guessed it had more to do with his vivacious little sister, Naomi than him!  Girls & guys all seemed to want to know her better.

Naomi glanced towards the beach and saw Tina Creelman horning in on her current boyfriend Neil Carter.  She guessed that was over!

Oh well, there was more than one fish in the sea, she thought happily, glancing around to see if anyone else piqued her interest.

Oooo... Shawn Carter!

Not only was he hot, but he was pretty funny to boot!  They had to best time that afternoon goofing around with each other.

Could there be something more here, she thought dreamily.

"Mom, how did you know Dad was the right one for you?" Naomi asked later that night.

Norma sighed.  "The first night I met him, I couldn't wait to catch his attention.  And I've always known that I loved him and would one day marry him!"

"Ugh! That's no help!" Naomi fumed as she stomped to her room and slammed the door.

Norma sighed.  "Teenagers!"

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