July 28, 2012

Reeds 3 - Round 24

 "That's good sweetheart," Walker told cute little Rhonda after singing their bedtime songs.  "Now it's time for bed.  I love you! Daddy will see you in the morning."

 Welcome to the family Warren!

 Both Walker & Rachel were very career minded.  Sometimes it was hard to fit in family time between work, skilling & kids...

But they tried their best to steal away some time with each other each night.  Walker had said early on in the marriage that they should never be too busy to say goodnight to each other!

 "Hey there guy.  You're a cute little puppy."

"Ummm... Walker?" Rachel asked.  "Is there something you neglected to tell me?"

Walker flipped through the morning paper. "Nope. I can't think of anything. What's up?"

 "Oh, I don't know... something like a dog!"

Walker leapt up. "Oh crap! Champ! Get back in the garage!"

"You got a dog without talking to me!" Rachel accused.

"For the kids' birthday! I thought they'd love a new dog!"

"Again. You got a dog without talking to me?"

"Look, let's talk about it tonight," Walker said as he gave her a kiss on her cheek.  "Love you baby!"  Patting his leg, he called Champ back into the garage.



 "He's so cute!" Rhonda giggled as she rubbed Champ's belly.  "Look at his tongue when I rub his tummy! It sticks out of his mouth!"

 "Thanks Mom!" Rhonda said as she gave her Mom a big hug. 

"You're welcome honey," Rachel smiled.  "It was your Daddy's idea though.  I'm glad you like him so much!"

"I do! And I'll take care of him... and water... and feed.. and walk him and everything!"

 (Hmmmm..... Matt Hart & Vanessa Reed seemed a little chummy all night long.)

"Aunt Vanessa, what's a 'homewrecker'?"

 (Cute toddler & doggie picture... couldn't resist!)


 "Thanks for the cool firetruck!" Warren said after opening the presents.  "I love it!"

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