July 9, 2012

Reeds 3 - Round 23

Ralph and Kate enjoyed the last few moments they had before the wedding began.  They were both so excited that Walker & Rachel were finally getting married.

Kate especially looked forward to little grandbabies underfoot!

Despite the nip in the air & the snow on the ground, it was a beautiful wedding.  The bride & groom were beautiful with their happiness.

The only thing that might temper that happiness was Ralph's unexpected passing...

Rachel was finishing the last of the dishes when the doorbell rang. 

"I'll get it," Walker called out as he walked to the door.  These past few nights had been hard since Dad died.  He hoped it was something good.

But, it wasn't.  Apparently there was a complaint against them for ignoring their pets.  Animal Services was taking the dogs away.

"It'll get better, Walker.  I know it's been a rough week," Rachel tried to cheer her husband up.  He was taking everything so hard!

Walker rolled over and faced the wall.  "I can't think of anything that would make me feel better," he said sullenly.  "Good night."

"I love you," Rachel said as she snuggled against his back.

"Umm... Walker? Remember how you said nothing could make you feel better?" Rachel asked hesitantly one afternoon as he was studying.

Barely glancing up, Walker mumbled a response.

"Well, do you think a baby would help?" she asked.

Finally, she got his attention.  Looking up, he saw Rachel's belly rounded in pregnancy.  "You're pregnant? This is amazing!" he said in awe. 

"Did you hear she's pregnant?" Vanessa asked Kaitlynn. 

"Yeah? Good thing we're going to college soon! If they're anything like the folks, this place is going to be overrun with babies soon!"

Vanessa laughed.  "Yeah! Who wants diaper duty?! Not me!"

Rachel smiled at her newborn baby.  Little Rhonda!

Seeing her new grandbaby, Kate felt like she was starting to come out of her depression.   Losing Ralph had been the hardest thing she'd ever had to do in her life! 

And amazingly, she found happiness again...

In the most unlikely place!

It was a different type of  love than she had felt with Ralph.  But, it felt like love nonetheless!

Walker wasn't quite sure how he felt about his mom dating Mr. McMillan.  It was just kind of weird.  Apparently they'd been old college friends.  Mr. McMillan had recently lost his wife, as well.  Rachel thought he was being stuffy.  She said it was romantic that his Mom could find love again.

"I wouldn't want you to waste away without love if something were to happen to me," she argued.

God, Walker wanted to think about that even less than he wanted to talk about his mom!

But, he supposed she had a point.

And it's not like he was losing his Mom. She was still here, helping raise her grandbaby.

And Rhonda was delightful! She was so eager to play & learn with her Granny.

Leaving Walker & Rachel plenty of alone time. 

"You're pregnant again?" Walker asked, pleased.  Sweeping her into his arms, he hugged her tight.  "I can't wait!"

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