July 26, 2012

Reeds (2) - Round 24

Wilhelmina practiced her pouty faces in the mirror as William goofed around with the tub.  "Quit it!" she grumbled.  "You're distracting me!"

William just pretended to be in a boat.  "A-hoy matey!" he called.  "Yonder fishes there?"

Wilhelmina couldn't stop herself from laughing.  He was just so goofy!  "Weirdo," she called him tenderly.

Rosa still insisted on a study time in the afternoon before play-time.  Wilhelmina hated it! She'd rather be talking to someone or having fun!

Of course if you had a good reason to skip it....

It's not fair, Wilhelmina thought.  Why didn't I get to do a science project?!

William sat with Alejandro, his Science lab partner, and pulled up blades of grass.  "So, we're doing the project on constellations?" he asked.

"Yeah," Alejandro said.  "How do you want to do it?"

William thought a moment.  "I dunno.  I guess we have to tie constellations to something science-y... like... aliens!"

Alejandro laughed.  "OR, how about tying it together with the revolution of the earth around the sun.  You know, try to map out some stars and constellations ourselves & them compare it to the books maybe?"

William sighed. "Okay. I guess so.  It sure would be cool if there were aliens, though!"

Alejandro laughed.  "Well you take care of the aliens & mapping the stars and I'll work on the background research!"

Like Chandler Hart... her recent boy toy...

She kinda liked it when they were newbies to romance... their fumbling just made it the first kiss all the more sweeter!

Wilhelmina batted her eyes at Chandler.  "So you've never been kissed before?" she asked him coyly.

Chandler cleared his throat.  "Umm... no..." he said, his voice squeaking anyways.

Laughing throatily, she leaned forward and tenderly kissed him.

"So what did you think?" she asked as she leaned in to kiss him again.  She was interrupted by her cell ringing.

"Yeah?" she asked tersely.  "Oh! Brooks!" she replied, suddenly much friendlier.  "How's college?" she asked, glancing at Chandler out of the corner of her eye.  "Umm... do you mind giving me some space?" she asked him.  Geez, just because you kissed a guy didn't mean he had to be all up in your business!

"Sure! I'd love to go out!" she said after listening for a moment, then guiltily glanced at Chandler who was nervously waiting for her to get off the phone.  "Yeah, I'll see you in a few."

Grimacing, she turned towards Chandler.  "Sorry. Bad news. My good friend called up! I'm going to boogey."

Chandler was obviously disappointed.  "Oh. Sure!" he said brightly, trying not to be clingy.  "Have fun with Brooke."

Wilhelmina grinned.  Chandler thought she was meeting a female friend, Brooke! Ha! She bet Brooks would get a chuckle from that when she told him!

"This is awesome," Wilhelmina said as she dug through her pocket for change.  "Midnight Flows is the hottest new spot downtown!"

Brooks smiled as he reached over her and deposited some money in the ticket slot.  "Nothing but the best!" he grinned.

Wilhelmina smiled as Brooks' arm went by her.  He'd certainly filled out nicely after going to college!  He was even sexier than he was in high school! And he called her up for a date!

Elated, she skipped into the club, ready to have a blast.

And she was not disappointed!  She and Brooks danced to DJ Pierce all night long. 

Finally, famished, she and Brooks collapsed into the booth to enjoy a quick meal.  Wilhelmina didn't think she was capable of falling in love... but she had to imagine this was as close as you could get!

It had been such a priceless evening... she'd never forget it as long as she lived!

Back home, William & Alejandro were working on mapping the stars. 

"Any aliens yet?" Alejandro teased.

"Nope, not yet. But they'll be coming!" William replied cheerfully.

"So you're William's lab partner?" Wilhelmina asked Alejandro the next afternoon when he came home from school with her brother again.

"Yup," Alejandro said.

"He's so lucky to have such a smart partner, like you..."  It usually helped to start off with compliments she had learned over time.

A few compliments, a few eye bats & pretty soon, you were home free, she thought smugly. 

It was a technique she had practice many times as often as she could get!

Wilson was appalled to see how brazen his daughter was acting with that Paxton boy!  (Yay! I've never actually seen a parent react to their teenagers fooling around.  But, Wilson Reed cringed & covered his eyes when Wilhelmina goosed Paxton.  Then he did it again when she made out with him! Good father!  Now if only they could send the kid to their room!)

"Wilhelmina Reed!" he yelled.  "I cannot believe my eyes! This is not how we raised you to behave."  Turning to Paxton, he shooed the boy away.  "I don't want to see you around here again!" he said rudely.

"Daaaad," Wilhelmina whined.

"No! Not another word! Go to your room!"

Wilhelmina could be caged... but not for long...

Faevron soon grew to maturity and felt the stirring to create new life.

Proudly he picked up his sweet daughter, Naneth, the ninth generation of Plant Sims.

William spent every night gazing up at the stars, desperately seeking any sign of extraterrestrial life.  He thought it would be an amazing Science Fair coup!

Thankfully his sister liked to party... otherwise he never wouldn't given himself a break. 

And boy did he have fun!  That Sidney Carter was something else!

Distracted, he heard a commotion & turned to see that Aithel had withered away.  It was sad to see her go.

"I'm sorry about your... umm... friend..." Haley said, not knowing what else to call Aithel.

"Thanks," Wilson said sadly.

"I hope you feel better soon," she said leaning forward to peck him on the lips.

William felt electricity race through his veins down to his fingers and toes.  Haley Potter kissed him! Right on!

Naneth grew like a weed & soon was at full maturity.

And again the desire to reproduce came strongly.

The family celebrated little Sylvara joining the family - the 10th Generation Plant Sim.  It was amazing to think that Amy Hart had spawned 10 generations of Plant Sims in the wonderful Glen. 

Amy Hart -> 1. Rudhon -> 2. Cennon -> 3. Bronadir -> 4. Gaeron -> 5. Aithel -> 6. Deluon -> 7. Egrid -> 8. Faevron -> 9. Naneth -> 10. Sylvara

"Darn!" William said in frustration after a long night of peering through the telescope lens.  He'd spent every night for the past while wasting his time looking for stupid aliens with nothing to show!  It had been a stupid idea anyways, he thought sullenly as he went to get a quick shower before school.

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