July 8, 2012

Reeds 2 - Round 23

Wilhemenia was trying hard not to be annoyed that Nelson Bear came home from school with her.  Again!  Oh well, she'd make the most of the afternoon, but then she was going to have to tell him to stop following her around like a little lost puppy!

 The next day on the school bus, Wilhemenia was holding Shawn Carter's hand as Nelson looked on and glared.  

The poor kid just didn't realize that Wilhemenia wasn't going to be tied down!

She wanted attention... and lots of it!

Rosa noticed the number of boys streaming through & worried about Wilhemenia.  It was like watching Gloria grow up all over again! 

(Egrid grows up)

Thank God William was such an easy-going child, Rosa thought with relief.  (Aw, what a cutie!)

But, she guessed he wasn't a child anymore. He was growing up right before their eyes.

So eager to please and so ready to help.  She saw a lot of Wilson in him.

Gaeron passing caught the family off-guard. He'd seemed to have been in the prime of his life... so healthy & so fit.

After Gaeron's passing, Egrid felt the age-old calling...

And welcomed baby Faevron, 8th generation of Plant Sims born to this Glen.

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