July 19, 2012

Rauschers - Round 23

Madison watched Patrick fawn over his little daughter.  She was amazed by how wrapped around that little girl's finger he was!

Even when he had other things to do, all she had to do was ask for him to sing nursery rhymes with her & he was putty!

Happy birthday Mackenzie!

And Paxton!

Paxton couldn't wait to start dating!  And he knew just the girl that would be a great springboard into the dating pool!

Miss Wilhemenia Reed!  Word around town is that she was willing and eager to skip a few bases!

And boy was word around the street right!

But that didn't mean he wanted to be tied down. And he figured Wilhemenia didn't want to be tied down either.  So he was sure she wouldn't mind if he went out on another date....

"Paxton, what are you doing? Stop!" she fussed when he tried to slip his hand a little lower.

"What? Me? I'm not doing anything!" he tried to respond innocently.

"Why are you rushing things?" she demanded.

"I'm not..." he started to protest when he saw Wilhemenia walking down the street. 

He saw her grin as she sashayed closer.  "Hard day at school, Paxton?" she asked as she started to massage his neck.

Wow, forget what's-her-name... he could probably get used to being pampered like this!

Maybe it wouldn't be too bad being tied to one chickie... less hoops you have to jump through to get to passionate kissing!

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