July 19, 2012

Prom - Round 23

Ms. Caretaker proudly arranged the students for a prom picture.  Such beautiful young children with so much potential before them.

"Oh, Miss Tipton! You're late! We've already taken the picture for this year!"

Isabella smiled.  "Yes, well, I was... delayed..." she said hesitantly.  It still took some getting used to, being unable to go outside until after the sun had set.

Isabella stared at all the students who were now... different than her.  They could laugh & enjoy themselves during the light of day.

She wondered if she even fit in anymore...

Kaitlynn Reed enjoyed a friendly dance with Parker Hart.

As Julianna Hart enjoyed dancing with Rusty Carpenter.

Mitchell Reed wished that he'd bumped into Emma Carpenter before Prom night.

And then the night got ugly...

Feeling irritated with Wilhemenia Reed, Parker Hart put her in a head lock.  (I dunno, maybe she wouldn't dance with him?)

Pretty boy Brooks Landry got caught flirting with Vanessa Reed... which ticked off quite a few girls, to say the least...

Kaitlynn Reed put Neil Carter into a headlock, but was soon whisked away by Parker Hart!

The entire gymnasium was surprised with the King & Queen of Prom.  Everyone had been sure that Brooks would win, hands down.  But, apparently the votes were cast after he'd annoyed half the females in the room by flirting so audaciously with Willow.  There were quite a few slips of paper that read "Brooks is scum."

 Willow was so disappointed that Brooks wasn't Prom King with her. 

But, Kurt was pretty cool, too, she guessed. 

Ms. Caretaker had hoped that the romantic dance would inspire the students to leave their bickering aside, but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

The night dissolved into a bundle of arguing, poking & headlocks.

"This blows! I'm going home!" Wilhemenia cried after she and Brooks had another altercation.  Feeling the mood shift, all the other students followed her outside.

Ms. Caretaker sighed.  This was the first abysmal failure among her Prom duties.  She prayed she wouldn't be let go!

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