July 22, 2012

Potters - Round 24

 Happy Birthday Haley! 

Happy Birthday Randall!

(Just wanted to throw in a nice picture of Vaughn!)

Alan glanced at Arthur as they sat down to discuss Violet.  "I feel really bad, Arthur.  My issue was always with Lily & Gabe... not their kids..."

Arthur frowned.  "I remember after Dad died, we all sat down and made the decision not to tell the Goss' because they'd walked away.  And I can't believe their son just fell in love with Violet out of thin air!  He must be planning something!"

Helen cleared her throat.  "What about us? We fell in love rather quickly."

"That's different!" Arthur replied hotly.  "You're not a Goss!"

Sabrina scoffed.  "If you could hear yourself. I think you're just mad that Violet did something you were against.  Just because you're the oldest doesn't mean you get to pick & choose our lives!"

Arthur frowned again.  "I know that! I just worry about her.  How lonely she must be!"

"Well if she's lonely, it's because her family has abandoned her," Alan reasoned. 

Sabrina sighed.  "It's no use. There's no reasoning with him right now!"

Disgruntled, Alan and Sabrina said their goodbyes & headed home to their families with heavy hearts.

Helen kissed Arthur on the head on the way to bed.  "You don't have to make a decision tonight, but I think you'll make the right one."

It boggled Helen's mind that Arthur was being so strict with Violet, especially since he was such a loving & devoted father to their children.  She wondered if Sabrina was right about him being more displeased that she'd gone against him than that she'd married the Goss boy. 

A surprise pregnancy caught her off-guard & they soon welcomed little girl Helena into the family!

It seemed time flew by faster than Helen could keep track of it!  Too soon little Helena was a toddler!

 And little Randall was off to school!

 She didn't even want to think about the trouble that Haley might start getting into....

Especially since she spent so much time with that Paxton boy.  She'd heard from some of the teachers at school that he was doing poorly in his classes & was easily distracted.

She fervently hoped Haley didn't get her heart broken.

 Happy birthday Stephan!

Through thick and thin, they were a family though.  And Helen and Arthur tried to foster an atmosphere where the children could learn & grow happily.  She thought they were doing a pretty good job so far!

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