July 19, 2012

Potters 2 - Round 23

Regan pulled dinner out as smoothed down her suit.  God! What she wouldn't give for a decent stove, she thought sourly as she gazed at her burned dinner.  Alan kept promising they would remodel, but then kept putting it off.

But, as soon as she found out she was pregnant, she was determined that the remodel happen sooner rather than later.  She wanted a home she could bring her baby home to without worrying!

Several tens of thousands dollars later & Regan was quite pleased with their little home. 

Excited to show off the remodel, she invited over friends and family to celebrate.  Everyone stayed for several hours, laughing and dancing.

Regan couldn't help being glad after they'd left though since it gave her time alone with Alan.

"I love these porches," she said as she danced with Alan in the moonlight.  "The view is just beautiful!"

Alan held her hands.  "I think the view from here is pretty amazing, too."

"Oh stop," Regan said, blushing.  "You big flirt!"

Alan laughed. "Well if I can't flirt with my wife, who can I flirt with?!"

"Oh!" Regan said, gripping her belly.

Concerned, Alan backpedaled.  "Hey, I was just joking," he said lightly.

"No. It's time! I'm in labor!"

Welcome to the world Regis & Allison!

Twins, Alan thought dumbly, twins! Good thing they remodeled the home or they would've been tripping over each other!

The newborn stage flew by quickly & soon it was time for another birthday party!

Alan's brother-in-law Randy & his wife Katie certainly made an entertaining entrance.  After quite a bit of ribbing about being so amorous at their age, family members filed inside to catch up with each other. 

Soon it came time to cut the cake!

Happy Birthday Regis & Allison!

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