July 25, 2012

Paradise Bay High School - Round 24

The teens drudged to their classes when the morning bell rang.  Talking excitedly amongst themselves.

"Welcome to Paradise Bay High School!" Randy told the incoming group of freshmen.  "Prepare yourself for an amazing journey of learning and fun!"

"Pshhhh!" Marcus exclaimed from the first row. "Boring!"

"Young man, that is quite enough," Randy said, fixing Marcus with a stare.  Mentally, he made a note to keep an eye on Marcus.  He might have a trouble maker on his hands.

"As I was saying, prepare yourself for an amazing journey of learning and fun!  All your teachers here are committed to trying to teach you a variety of skills.  If you come with an open mind, there's no end to the things you'll learn!"

Kay sank down in her seat.  She was so embarrassed!  Her Dad could be so corny sometimes!

12 students made up the Juniors' Group A morning class.  Samuel Carter set them to reading the current chapters for their lesson.  (To pass the time, students were required to study Mechanics. But, since it's a community lot, no real learning was done!)

10 students made up Juniors Group B morning class.  "Welcome students!  This year I'm assigning science themes for a science fair.  Look to your left or right.  Whoever is sitting next to you is going to be your lab partner.  Work closely with them to come up with the most interesting science project you can think of.  Really think outside the box!" James Carter said excitedly.
Stephanie Russell & Shawn Carter.  Stephanie glanced away.  She knew her sister Hilary would've died to have a chance to be lab partners with Shawn, but she thought it was tacky how much he dated around!  Why did she have to be paired with him!

Susie Q. Johnston & Melinda Carter.  Susie Q looked at the girl next to her quizzically.  "You're not a junior!" she whispered.

Melinda looked back at her with wide eyes, "I know! I think I came to the wrong class!"

(Whoops... I just noticed that Melinda is in fact a Freshmen! Doh!  Oh well.. since she already sat through the class, I guess she can still do the project with Susie Q!)

Abbey Carter & Paxton Rauscher.  "So then I said to her that I didn't think it was going to work. I mean, can you imagine her wanting to go steady so soon?" Paxton complained.

Abbey glanced over at him and rolled her eyes.  "Look, just because you're my brother's best friend doesn't mean you're my best friend!  I don't know how anyone would want to date you!"

Paxton clutched his heart and pretended to fall off his stool.  "Ouch! You're killing me here!" he joked.

Abbey rolled her eyes.  It was going to be a long year with Paxton as her lab partner!

Alejandro Carter & William Reed.  "So there's tons of thing we can do," Alexander said happily.  "I looked over the list before class started..."

William smiled.  Just his kind of lab partner!  This was going to be a piece of cake!

Savannah Carter & Tony Beckett.  Savannah glared at the boy sitting next to her.  "I'm just saying that my hair doesn't have anything to do with our class!"

Tony sighed. "I just said you had pretty hair," he said cautiously.

"I have a boyfriend," she interjected.

Tony held up his hands! "Okay! Okay! I take it back! You have ugly hair!"  He watched as Savannah crossed her arms and glared.  Man, it was going to be a long year!

Arthur Potter had his class pull out pens & paper.  He expected  his students to read the narrative he'd pulled from his file & then prepare their essay answering the question he'd listed on the chalkboard.  Glancing at the clock, he said, "You may begin.  You have 90 minutes."  Papers rustled as the kids started reading.

 Arthur believed a strong writing background would help all his students with whatever job they decided to pursue.

"Time's up," Arthur called just minutes before the afternoon bell rang.  "Please put your papers on my desk, face-down, and you may be excused."

Helen Potter was excited to see her new Freshmen coming into her afternoon class with so much experience and enthusiasm.  "Just remember. There are no wrong answers in Art class!" she said happily.  "Whatever comes out will be beautiful!"

Marcus stared at his lump of clay critically and wondered if she knew what she was talking about.

James Carter let his Juniors Group B afternoon class talk amongst themselves for a few minutes before class began.  Turning around, he smiled.  Like the morning class, he informed them that the person sitting next to them would be their lab partner for the remainder of the year.

Noah Carpenter & Christina Creelman.  Christina and Noah exchanged disappointed glances.  They were horrified that they would have to be lab partners with their own cousin!  Lame! Christina had been hoping to be paired up with a cute boy - like Jason Carter or Grant Carter!

Naomi Reed & Hilary Russell.  Naomi & Hilary sighed as they looked over the list together.  "This is totally dumb," Naomi said glumly.

"I know! By the way, where'd you get that top? I love it!"

Soon the two girls were bonding over clothes & jewelry.

Ethan Carpenter & Madeline Pai.  Ethan & Madeline looked dubiously at each other.  "Do you know anything about science?" Ethan asked his lab partner.

"Nuh uh," she said shaking her head.

Ethan fumbled with his list.  "Man.  This sucks."

Madeline just nodded her head.

Jason Carter & Calvin McMillan.  "Piece of cake!" Calvin said confidently.  "We should have this wrapped up real quick and spend the rest of the time goofing off!"

Jason looked at Calvin doubtfully.  "I don't know about that..."

Alexander Carter & Haley Potter.  "This is so amazing!" Haley said excitedly.  "To think that we're actually going to have a chance to have a Science Fair!"

Alexander looked at his lab partner like she was crazy.  "You're happy about this?" he asked.

"Sure," she said, shrugging.  "Where else would we get the chance to do something like this? So  hands on?!  I can't wait!"

Gayle Hart & Grant Carter.  Gayle flirted with Grant as all the other kids talked about what project they would pick from the list.  "These guys are so dumb," she said snidely.  "I mean, even if we don't do the project, it's not like we're going to fail!"

Grant nodded. "Hey! That's true! I didn't think about that! There's no way we can fail!"

Gayle smiled coyly. "But, we could still use our time working on some experiments..."

Rebeka Russel smiled at her afternoon Senior's class.  Amazing how few of the students knew their basic way around a kitchen!  "Be sure to always cut the way I showed you, with your thumb curled under," she cautioned.  It was so nice to have a smaller class-size with the students for their elective.  She felt it gave her more one-on-one time with the kids.

"Ouch! Damn!" Wilhelmina grumbled as she nicked her finger.  This was so dumb! Like she was ever going to cook anyways!  She'd hire a butler to do it for her!

Freddie Hart smiled as the students worked on their small shop project.  The Seniors had been given the choice between Shop or Home Ec for their afternoon class.  It was nice to see a girl in here instead of just boys. 

 Although, Freddie had his suspicions about why Cecelie had chosen to take Shop!

Finally the final bell rang.  Excitedly the kids hopped up from their seats and headed home.  Randy walked along with the children as they made their way to the front of the school.

What a promising year this looked like it would be!

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