July 7, 2012

Paradise Bay High School - Round 23

There was a lot of work behind the scenes that enabled Paradise Bay High School to run efficiently, Randy thought as he headed through the double doors to his office.  Smiling at his office manager, Lilly Carter, he picked up a stack of papers that he would need to sign and send out.

After a few minutes, he headed towards the auditorium to rehearse his speech.  

There was a new class of freshmen that would be joining their ranks.  And he could feel the excitement and energy pulsing in the halls.
Sure enough, a short while later, the bell rang loudly and students began to pour into the halls, laughing and yelling as they made their way to their classes.

"Welcome class," Randy said as he stepped to the microphone.  "Kennedy and Julianna, please have a seat," he added.  Pausing, he waited until the students had stopped wiggling and were paying attention.

"This day begins a new adventure for you in your high school careers.  The skills you learn here at school will be forever with you as you go on life's journey.  Take the time to make the most of what we offer here at Paradise Bay High."

(New freshmen:  1st row- Abbey Carter, Stephanie Russell, Hilary Russell, Julianna Hart; 2nd row- Vaughn Potter(?), Shawn Carter, Gayle Hart, Cecelie Carter; 3rd row-Mitchell Reed, Emma Carpenter, Wilhemenia Reed, Kennedy McMillan, Dierk Pai Jakobson; 4th row-Rusty Carpenter & Neil Carter)

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