July 31, 2012

Paradise Bay Elementary

"Attention, please," Angela called out to her students.  "We have some very exciting news for Paradise Bay Elementary!  Please welcome our new kindergarten teachers, Zane Carpenter & Willow McMillan and our middle school teachers, Roxanne Bear & Alyssa Pai!  I'm sure you've noticed we have double the teachers and that's because we have double the students!"

"Over the summer break, we were able to expand our wonderful school.  Now, the downstairs classroom has been converted into another kindergarten class."

"And upstairs we've created two new state of the art classrooms, as well as an art studio!  We are very excited about the changes!  But, now it's time to learn!"

Zane and Willow coolly greeted each other, each wondering how in the world the other had managed to get the position.

Roxanne stood in the hall and hurried the students along.  "Eve, Sherri, shouldn't you be getting to class?"

Sherri looked nervous to leave her big sister, so Eve gave her a big hug.  "Go on to your class downstairs.  I'll wait for you by the stairs after school, okay?"

"Okay!" Sherri said happily as she ran to her class.

Roxanne and Alyssa instructed their classes to read the first few chapters on fire safety.

While Zane and Willow both encouraged their young children to explore their fun space.

Finally, the bell rang & RECESS!


Alyssa was waiting in Angela's office, worried about why she'd been called in. 

"Thank you for meeting with me, Alyssa." Angela greeted her old friend.  "I've watched you grow into a splendid teacher through the years and I believe the time has come to pass on the leadership of this school to you."

"ME?" Alyssa asked, surprised.

Angela smiled.  "Of course! You've been here almost as long as I have. You know the ins & outs of the school.  The board is lucky to have you!"

Alyssa was stunned.  She hadn't expected this! "Thank you, Angela," she said happily.  "I won't let you down!"

Angela smiled as she walked from the building for the last time.  She knew Alyssa wouldn't let down the people who mattered... and that was the kids!

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