July 10, 2012

Paradise Bay Elementary

Angela loved being principal at Paradise Bay Elementary, although sometimes she missed teaching.  There was nothing like the joy of seeing the children learn something new.  The closeness you felt from teaching them wrong from right.

But, that was all for the new crop of teachers...

Alyssa Pai was excited to be teaching the older children now.  They were so smart, so inquisitive!  While the boys were in P.E., she took the girls to the reading cave to work on their reading skills.

"Okay, Naomi, could you please read the 2nd paragraph?" Alyssa prompted.

Naomi exhaled a breath & mumbled something under her breath as she moved her finger to the spot they were reading.  "The magic...ian... pulled a rabbit from his black hat..."

"Very good, Naomi! Keep going..."

 Angela walked into the gym to find the boys eagerly awaiting the start of class.  "Boys, I'd like to introduce your new gym teacher, Mr. Jesse Carter.  He's kindly agreed to offer instruction on getting physically fit! And we're extremely lucky as he's been tied to major sports lines!  Listen hard!"  Motioning to Jesse, she said, "Please, take it away Mr. Carter!"

"Alright boys, let's get starting with our work-out.  Let's start with jumping jacks!  Count 'em off as we go!"

Jesse loved working out & now that his kids were getting older & his career had leveled out, he loved giving back to the community.  Who would have thought that he could be a reformed Romancer?  But, teaching these kids the love of physical fitness made his day! 

Other teachers weren't fairing as well, though.

"Oh God! Oh God! What do I do?" Willow worried.  It was her first day teaching kindergarten and the boys were fighting. 

"Stop it!  Chandler Hart & Stephen Potter!  Stop it this instant!" she demanded weakly.

Finally, after a few minutes they came to a halt as she nervously paced close-by, attempting to reach out & stop  them from fighting.

"Each of you! To the corner!"  Willow demanded.  She couldn't believe the boys!  As they started blaming each other, she snapped.  "I don't want to hear it.  Both of you quietly to the corner.  I'll be writing a note to each of your parents!"

After a few minutes, she let them both go play.

But, not too much longer...

"Ethan Carpenter! No teasing!" she blurted out.

"But, he started it!  He made fun of Sheldon!"

Approaching Stephan, she knelt down.  "Stephan, is there anything you want to talk about? You seem to be having a hard time today."

Stephan just looked down & mumbled no. 

Sighing, she gave him a bug hug.  "Well, if you ever need to talk, I'm right here."

Glancing at her watch, she announced to the class, "Alright boys & girls, recess!"

Recess had been going well until a disturbance caught Angela's attention.  Running over, she watched the children roll around on the ground, throwing punches.

"Stephan Potter & Ally Carter! Stop IMMEDIATELY!" she commanded and grabbed both children by the arms and marched them to her office.

Willow sighed.  Her first day had been rough.  She'd never known there would be that many problems teaching kindergarten! She thought it would all be storytelling, playing & laughing!

"Aunt Willow, how was school today?" her nephew, Caden asked.

Pasting on a smile, she said lightly, "Oh, it was wonderful. And how was your day Caden?"

Stephan knew he was in for it now.  Principal Carter had called his parents to come pick him up, then said she wanted to talk to them alone.  She was probably in there telling them about the fights he'd gotten into recently.

Then they would want to talk.

And he didn't know why he was so mad and sad all the time.  He just was....

(It probably has something to do with the fact that his ancestors try to scare him to death each night multiple times.  But, you know, other than that minor inconvenience...)

"The fact remains that your son has been reprimanded numerous times recently for fighting or arguing with the other children.  Something needs to be done.  Can you think of anything that might be bothering him?"  Angela asked Stephan's parents.

Arthur glanced at his wife, Helen, and shrugged.  "I can't think of anything. He always seems so happy at home," he said worriedly.

Helen tapped her finger to her lips.  "He has been tired recently.  Maybe we should try to make sure the older kids don't keep him up so late.  Reinforce an early bedtime?"  Turning to Angela, she smiled wryly.  "Whatever the cause, believe that we'll address it at home."

Angela nodded.  "Very good.  Please keep us updated."

Arthur & Helen stood to collect their son.

It was time to go home & have a talk...

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