July 19, 2012

Pais - Round 23

Marissa woke up with morning sickness upsetting her stomach.  Ugh! Morning sickness, the bane of her existence, she thought sourly as she hurried to the bathroom.

Happy Birthday Drew!

Madeline loved played with her little brother.  "And then you draw a line this way. No, not with blue. You should use green.  Here. Use this!" she bossed him around.

"And then you sing, 'Mary had a little lamb...'.  Now you say it.  Come on Drew, say it.  'Mary had a little lamb."

Marissa was surprised to find that Drew already knew all the nursery rhymes that she sung to him.  "Who taught you that?" she said, pleased.  "Daddy?"

Drew shook his head and giggled, "Madiwen!"

Marissa smiled, pleased that her sweet little girl took such a wonderful interest in her little brother.

Hopefully it carried over to the newest baby, too!

Introducing little Dexter Pai!

Dierk tried to lose himself in the music.  Sometimes, he felt like he didn't belong here.  He was Dierk Pai-Jakobsons.  Although Dad had legally adopted him, they hadn't changed his name.  And he'd heard Mom and Dad whispering about his birth mom getting remarried. So, really... he was the only Jakobsons that existed. 

Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried to bring up a picture of his mom.  All he could really remember was her dark hair...  And that she smelled like a flower...  Little glimpses of a woman that would come in now and then to relieve Nanny.

Mostly he remember being alone as she laughed and sang in the other room with a houseful of strangers.

Scooping up Dexter to change his diaper, he thought that he would never do that to his children.  He was so lucky Dad took him in instead of leaving him in that house!

He'd actually found a home here!

And Mom was  the best! She always joked that she had love enough for everyone, and he believed it in his heart!  She was always so kind, thoughtful, and ready with a hug on a bad day!

And little Drew! He shadowed Dierk and tried to do anything that he did.  He'd heard Drew tell Mom that he wanted to be just like his big brother when he grew up.

He wondered if Drew would still think that if he found out they were only half-brothers...

And Madeline!  Bossy, bossy Madeline!  She was growing up fast!  Dierk couldn't help but think she was a little spoiled, but she had a kind heart! Maybe her grouchiness hid insecurity?

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