July 19, 2012

McMillans 9 - Round 23

Martin McMillan couldn't believe how lucky he was to wind up with Victoria Reed!

He wasn't going to let her slip through his fingers!

It was a beautiful wedding with a happy groom & a blushing bride!

Martin & Victoria had a wonderful time surrounded by family.

Except... apparently Theresa Reed & Mary McMillan didn't get along very well.  Victoria had heard Mary yell something about a boy before attacking Theresa.

Martin hadn't felt close to his twin in years.  Mary was so self-serving!  "You couldn't behave on my wedding day?" Martin accused.

Mary clenched her fists.  "She started it, Martin! That sneaky..."

"Oh please! Like you're any better! You're just alike, the two of you!"

Mary flounced away.

Martin put her out of his thoughts & concentrated on making Victoria the happiest woman in the world.

"It's a good thing we set the nursery up already," Martin said as he hugged his pregnant wife.

He couldn't wait for the little bundle of joy to join them! He was a family man, through and through!

Welcome to the world, baby girl Tori!

Martin gazed at his daughter, amazed by how tiny & soft she was.  Being the youngest, he didn't have any experience with baby's, but he was getting the hang of it!

And that was definitely going to come in handy with their second child!

Happy birthday Tori!

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