July 19, 2012

McMillans 8 - Round 23

David & Krista were excited to move into their new home.  It was a good deal less fancy than either of the homes they grew up in, but it would suit them well!

They hurriedly planned their wedding and invited friends & family to the Chapel to witness their ceremony.

"With this ring, I thee wed," David said as he slipped the ring on Krista's finger.

Back home, David poured the champagne for a toast to his lovely bridge.  Krista was so excited that her parents were back together & happy.

It made her day that much more special!

"Thanks for coming, Dad. I love you!" she said as she hugged him close. 

Slipping into bed, David & Krista decided to start a family right away.

It didn't seem to take that long, at all!

And the pregnancy seemed to fly by!

Twins! Welcome to the world little Gregory & Ginny!

"Look at my little baby boy!" David said as he blew kisses at Gregory.  "Such a good boy!"

"I'm so glad you're home," Krista said, hugging David tight.  Their schedules lately had been exact opposites and they generally only had a few hours of together time.

So, they decided to make the best use of their time....

"Dad! How're things?" Krista said, hugging Quinn.

Quinn smiled, "Things are still good.  Your mother & I are okay. You can stop worrying now!"

Krista pretended to slug his shoulder. "Who said I was worried?"

Slinging his arm around Krista, he smiled gently. "Enough of that, today is to celebrate those precious babies! Where are my grandkids?!"

Happy birthday Gregory & Ginny!  (Gregory has his Grandpa Quinn's ears & Ginny has his Dad's eyes.  I'm surprised to see the blonde!)

Gregory & Ginny were close as twins could be.


Look at those adorable little ears!

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