July 19, 2012

McMillans 7 - Round 23

Chevy McMillan & Cora Reed were excited to show off their new home.  It was so formal & fancy.  Cora loved it!  Chevy had joked that anything was better than the house he grew up in (McMillans 3) with all the neon, clashing colors.  Cora cringed.  She remembered that very well!

"Michael," she said, hugging her brother.  "I'm so glad you could come.  And your new wife! I can't wait to be an auntie!"

Michael hugged Cora back.  "You're not the only one.  So, are you talking to Nicole yet?" he asked, pointing towards her twin.

Sighing, Cora walked over.

"I hate being at odds with you, Nicole. We're twins! Can we try to put everything behind us?" Cora pleaded.

Nicole shrugged. "Whatever."

Cora rolled her eyes.  She guessed that was as good as she was going to get as she watched Nicole wander off to see if there were any single men at the party.

Uh oh!

Cora was worried about telling Chevy about the pregnancy this early in their lives.  But, her worries were unfounded.  Chevy was head over heels excited.

They married quickly in a private ceremony.

And not long after, little girl Coral was born.

And before they knew it, Coral was turning into a toddler!

And Chevy and Cora eagerly awaited the birth of baby #2!

In the meantime, Coral was one very spoiled little girl!

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