July 31, 2012

McMillans 6 - Round 24

Mandy sighed as she gazed at her reflection.  It had happened... she was old.  Her family was growing up!  Kennedy would be going off to college soon & even her youngest, Eli, would be a teenager soon!

So this is what it felt like to look back on your life...

Calvin hugged Susie Q.  He couldn't believe how much he loved her.  When he'd asked her to go steady, she'd happily agreed.  They were going to be together forever, he thought happily.

Kennedy had been shocked when Annaleigh stopped by for a visit.  She looked so much older and grown up!  It felt like there was a chasm of age between them.

"Can you stay for awhile?" he'd asked her, hoping to convince her to make out a little.

Annaleigh had frowned.  "Actually, I have to get going.  I just came into town for a family party."

"Will I see you before you leave?" Kennedy asked, feeling desperate.

Annaleigh pulled out of his arms.  "We'll see.  I'm not really sure.  I'll call you tonight."

Kennedy watched her go.  Not a good sign, he  thought morosely.

He took his bad mood out on everyone. 

"God, Kennedy. Take a chill pill! I just said that you were playing the piano loud."  Looking at his little brother, Eli, she asked, "What's his problem?"

Eli kicked his feet as he watched tv with Sidney.  "Annaleigh dumped him."

Kennedy put his hands on his hips.  "She did not dump me! She was just... busy.."

Sidney got to her feet and hugged Kennedy.  "I'm so sorry, Kennedy.  Are you okay?"

Kennedy pulled away.  "She didn't dump me!" he said tersely before going upstairs.

Sidney looked down at Eli.

"She dumped him," he said simply.

Eli saw a lot more than everyone thought he did.  After all, he was pretty much a teenager now!  But, he knew they still all saw him like a little kid. 

He wondered what he'd have to do to get a little respect...

Calvin was glad his lab partner Jason had finally come over.  They'd looked over the list of science projects and decided to do one on electricity.  Their job was to find things around the house that used electricity.

Should be a piece of cake, right?

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