July 9, 2012

McMillans 6 - Round 23

Kennedy was having the best time in college.  He got to meet new friends all the time.  There was this freshmen, Abbey, and man... she was smoking!

Good thing he was committed to Audrey, though! 

Although, he didn't think that kept Audrey from getting jealous when Kennedy talked to Audrey.

"We're just friends!" Kennedy said in frustration.

Audrey crossed her arms.  "You should've seen yourself with her!  You were all googly-eyed & almost drooling."

"Aw, babe, you're the only I drool for!"


Boy, girls sure could be difficult, Kennedy thought glumly.

Leaning forward, he kissed Audrey tenderly.  "You're the only one for me, babe.  Ever since 6th grade when I pulled on your hair & you told the teacher on me - I've been hooked!"

Thank God for kids, Kennedy thought one afternoon while playing with Eli.  They were so simple! Change their diaper, give them bottles & play with them every now & then.  No grumpy fits over girls or pouting because you missed a call from them!

Kevin smiled as Mandy glanced around the house.  "There are quite a number of teens here today," she said. 

"That's right. I told Kennedy he could throw a party.  You're only young once!"

"Hmmmm... I just hope it doesn't get too raucous.  I have an image to uphold now that I'm Mayor."

"Great party, Kennedy." Audrey smiled & kissed his cheek.  They spent the entire party playing around.

The next morning Eli stormed back inside angrily.  "The newspaper isn't here yet," he complained.  Grabbing a plate of omelettes, he sat down with Calvin.

"Chill out little brother," Calvin said.  "Who cares about reading the paper, anyways?"

"I do!" Eli grumbled.  "I like the cartoons."

"Look 'em up online! That's what I'd do!"

"But, Mom doesn't let me on the internet!"

"I'll help you right after breakfast..."

"...after all, I am a teenager now!"

And Calvin wanted to know anyone & everyone he could know!

Party time! he thought happily as their friends flooded the place.

Meeting Susie Q Johnston was the best moment of his young life.

It was like she was made especially for him!

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