July 31, 2012

McMillans 5 - Round 24

CJ couldn't get over what a beautiful son he had.  He could see so much of Chloe in their son.  "Come on big guy, it's time for cake!"


CJ still had nightmares about the awful treatment he'd received before Dad had brought Solveig into their lives.  He knew Dad hadn't meant to be cruel.... he just didn't know what to do with him.  CJ was determined to provide a stable, loving environment for Clinton.  He didn't want Clinton to want for anything!

Chloe sat up in bed, hearing CJ talking.  "Baby, come back to bed," she said. 

CJ glanced up.  "In a moment, let me get Clinton to bed first."

Chloe nodded sleepily and fell back asleep.

It was some time later before CJ joined her.

But all of his efforts paid off.  Clinton was a happy, healthy little boy!  All he knew in this world were positive, loving memories.

CJ knew it would be the same for his sister, Candice.


Clinton couldn't wait to play with his baby sister. He wanted to teach her all her nursery rhymes just the way Dad taught him!

Because Dad was the best!  He even knew how to make the best pancakes!

"You all ready for school, son?" CJ asked over breakfast.

"Yeah, Dad. I packed everything up last night."

Clinton was looking forward to school & meeting new friends!

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