July 9, 2012

McMillans 5 - Round 23

"Hey, you're back from University," CJ greeted his old friend Riley.  "Nice to see you again!"  For some reason, it helped that his new buddy at work had been a close high school friend. 

"Yeah, all the gang is back.  We should throw a get together and get reacquainted," Riley replied, pulling out his phone.

CJ was excited to meet all his old friends that had had the luxury of going off to college, but there were new faces to.

"Who's that?" CJ asked Ben.

"Who's who?"

"That girl with the buns?" CJ pointed.

"Oh, that's Chloe, from high school. Don't you recognize her?"

"I don't think I ever met her.  Would you introduce us?"

CJ was smitten.

"It must be nice living so close to the beach!" Chloe said excitedly.

"Oh, it's great. I just wish I wasn't always so busy! I hardly get any time to go down there!"

"We should go down there now! I bet it'd be beautiful to see the sun set!"

So, CJ trotted after Chloe as they made their way down to the surf.

"...it's like I spent my whole college trying to find someone to love.  It was silly really," Chloe finished. 

CJ quietly listened.  It sounded like Chloe had been searching for answers just like he had. 

"...the only problem was that I really thought Edwin loved me.  I can't believe I was that stupid!"

"I don't think it's stupid.  I tried for years to get my Dad to love me.  I never felt like I truly earned his love and respect."

Chloe ran her hands through the sand before standing up.  "We have a lot in common, don't we?"

CJ stood up with her.  "To be honest, Chloe.  I'm really interested in you.  I think you're right, we have a lot in common. Stay the weekend with me? Get to know me better?"

Chloe felt herself falling in love!  "Of course!"

Chloe had never had a better time! CJ was so kind, thoughtful & drop-dead-sexy!  "God, I can't believe it's almost Monday!" she said sadly.  She hated to leave.  She'd had such a wonderful time with CJ.

CJ hugged her back, stroking her back.  "I know!"

"Let's be crazy, CJ! Let's get married!" Chloe said excitedly.

"Whoa! Chloe, there's no need to rush.  I'm not going anywhere & you're not going anywhere.  Let's just take this a little slower..."

Chloe frowned and looked at her feet.  She couldn't believe she'd been so stupid.  "I'm sorry."  Why did she always ruin things like that?!

CJ grabbed her hands and waited until she looked at him.  "I love you, Chloe.  I just don't want to mess it up by rushing into anything.  Let's take our time & be sure."

Chloe's heart started beating faster.  "You love me?"

CJ smiled.  "I do."

Chloe flung herself into his arms. "I love you, too, CJ! I was just scared to admit it first!"

"And just because we're not getting married doesn't mean we can't do other things..."

Time seemed to fly by at the beach house.  CJ & Chloe settled into a routine of working & studying.

Smiling, he slipped into bed next to her.  He couldn't imagine living without her.  He'd been thinking about popping the question, but was worried she might think he was rushing.

The decision was taken out of his hands though.  (I can almost see him saying "Yes! She's pregnant!")

"Marry me, Chloe.  I can't imagine my life without you.  I want us to raise our babies together & sit on the beach watching the waves when we're old & wrinkly."

Chloe grinned.  "Yes! Oh yes! I can't wait, CJ! This is like a dream come true!"

Feeling impatient to be married quickly, they became common-law married.

And soon it became glaringly obvious that Chloe was expecting!

CJ found it hard to think of anything else when he was around her.  He loved rubbing her belly and feeling his baby kick against his hand.  (He's either thinking "Oh my God, she's huge!" or "Yup. That's my baby in there!")

Neither one could wait to hold their bundle of joy in their arms!

Little baby boy Clint.  (It's hard to tell from the picture, but his eyes are a beautiful, beautiful green!  He is going to be one handsome second generation alien!)

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