July 31, 2012

McMillans 4 - Round 24

Yvette was glad when she finally gave birth!

Even more exciting was her beautiful baby girl, Yolanda!

"Willow?" Yvette called.  "I have to get to work, will you watch Yolanda?" 

Willow snuggled the sweet baby against her chest and wondered how anyone could go back to work so quickly after giving birth to such a perfect little angel!

Sighing, she kissed her niece's head.  If Zane hadn't cheated on her and then married her, then Willow would be having babies right now...

It wasn't fair!

River thought it was awesome having his family-oriented sister back at home!  She didn't even mind changing dirty diapers!  He and Yvette used to play paper-rock-scissors to see who had to change the diaper - but Willow would do it for free!

And Willow caring for the baby occasionally gave River and Yvette more time to play around!

But Willow wasn't happy.  She expected to be married with kids by now & instead she was raising her niece!  This wasn't what she'd planned for her life!  Making an impulse decision, she called him up and invited him out.

They'd agreed to meet at a local hangout spot.  She thought it might be nice to grab some dinner, play some cards.

(Uh oh... Lizzie's talking to Count Clay!)

"I had a great time, thanks..." Willow told Trevor as they pulled into her garage.  And really, she'd had a nice time.  Trevor had been funny & slightly flirty.  She'd heard so many bad things about him, but he really was a nice guy.

Getting out of the car, she walked over to give him a friendly hug to say goodbye.

Trevor had something else planned....


Finally Willow had managed to pull out of Trevor's embrace by saying she had to get Yolanda.  Mentioning a baby had definitely cooled Trevor' ardor!

Willow bounced Yolanda in her arms.  "You are such a sweet girl to save Auntie Willow! That man was an octopus!"  Although, to be honest... Willow had enjoyed it.  It'd been a long time since she'd felt that way. 

Besides, what was her hurry to leave?  She loved her nephews & niece! 

Cash & Caden were adorable little guys!

But, in the end, it still wasn't enough for her. This time to took to the personal ads.

Willow waited at the bar for awhile nervously.  If LookingForAPartner didn't show up in 5 minutes, then she was just going to go!

Glancing around, she tried to see if there was anyone that could be him.

"Willow?" Ryan Landry asked in disbelief.

Oh God, she thought.  I've been caught out on a blind date! How embarrassing!

"Willow? Umm... ReadyToLove?"

Willow's head whipped around.  "Ryan? Are you?" she glanced around, "LookingForAPartner?"

Ryan nodded with a smile on his face.  "This is amazing!" he gushed. 

The next day, Ryan showed up at her door.  "Hi boys, is Willow home?" he asked as the kids ran past.  

Cash ran back  to the door, "AUNTIE WILLOW" he yelled as he took off after his brother, letting the door slam shut.

Willow came to the door, wiping her hands on a towel.  "Ryan?!" she said in surprise.  "What are you doing here?"

Ryan smiled shyly and held out a bouquet of roses, offering them to her.  "For you!  I had a really great time yesterday.  I was hoping we could see each other again."

He brought her flowers! Willow thought amazed.  She couldn't help wrapping her arms around him and hugging him tight.  "They're beautiful, Ryan! Thank you!  And I'd love to go out on another date.  Yesterday was amazing!"

"I was actually thinking about something along the lines of a long weekend... will you join me?" he asked nervously.

Cash poked at his food.  "I want Auntie Willow," he pouted.

Yvette rolled her eyes.  "She'll be back soon.  She just went on a short vacation."

Caden laid his fork down.  "But, she always put us to bed!"

Yvette had heard quite enough.  Her kids were acting like she never did anything to take care of them.  "Willow didn't do everything! Why I even cooked dinner tonight!" she said testily.

Cash sighed.  "It's not like Willow's."

Yvette was glad that Willow was gone! She couldn't believe her boys were acting like this!  "That's enough out of both of you! Act your age!"

Cash & Caden hung their heads.  They knew that Willow probably wouldn't be back since she was dating that guy now.  She'd want to have kids of her own.

But it hit Yolanda the hardest.  Yolanda had cried for hours after Willow left. 

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