July 9, 2012

McMillans 4 - Round 23

Meadow had moved back home after college, not really having anywhere else to go.  Being the middle child sucked sometimes.  River had already married and starting filling the house up with kiddos, so it didn't feel like home anymore. 

"I guess I'm going to have to move out," she said unhappily to Jeremy.

Jeremy hedged.  He didn't know Meadow too well, but they were kind of friends of friends of friends.  "Well, I just got a place down by the beach.  Maybe we could split the mortgage," he offered. 

Meadow looked at him skeptically.  "Why?"

"Well, I know about not having a home to go back to.  My brother Kent got married and started procreating like crazy.  It's like it's not home anymore! It's his home!  All because he was the oldest!"

"I know! It just feels so unfair!" Meadow complained. 

Maybe moving in with Jeremy wouldn't be so bad, after all.

But, first, it was time to sing happy birthday to the twins.

Cash & Caden!

Casey felt so blessed to be a part of his grandsons lives.  He was able to teach them to walk, help them talk & play with them.

But most of all, he felt lucky to have found a new love with Kate after all these years.  She wasn't Autumn & knew she'd never replace his first love.  But, they had something special!

They even got to sneak around like teenagers with a full house!

"This is crazy," Casey grumbled after hobbling out of the old sports car.  "I think I busted my back!"

Kate giggled.  "We are getting a little old for this, aren't we?"

Casey dropped to one knee.  "Marry me, Kate.  Let's make this official.  I know you loved Ralph for all those years & I loved Autumn.  But, we have something special together, too."

"I'd love to," Kate said as she held Casey's hand. 

And they remarried, simply & with no fuss.

Kate kissed her adult children goodbye & moved in with Casey.  She told him the hardest one to leave had been little Rhonda.  "It makes it easier since there are more grandbabies here, though!" she joked.  "I've always seemed to have a baby in the house!"

Although, Cash & Caden wouldn't be babies for much longer....

Caden (beige overalls) & Cash (rainbow shirt)

They were loud, rambunctious little boys!  Casey thought that they reminded him of himself & Clint when they were kids.  Always getting into fights or some sort of scrape.

He would always regret not getting to know them better...

"Dad!" River sobbed right along his new wife, Kate.

"Just so you know, you're always welcome here, Kate.  I know you have your own family, but I know Dad loved you.  I'd like to think we're family, as well."

Kate hugged her stepson.  "Thank you, River.  I'm going to miss him."

Caden was confused though.  "Now that Grandpa is dead, does that mean you're still my Grandma?" he asked.

Kate hugged the little boy.  "I'll be your Grandma as long as I'm alive," she promised.

Although, that didn't prove to be much longer than Casey.

Calling Walker over, River gave him his mother's urn.  "We all loved her dearly.  She was a special lady," he said as a condolence.

Wiping a tear from his eye, Walker accepted the urn.  "I know.  She was a great Mom."

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